Upgrading to 4.3: How/why to remove the "ofono-alien-binder-plugin" package?

Hi, while downloading the upgrade to, system tells me: “Remove or revert the following package, as it may cause problems during update: ofono-alien-binder-plugin”.
I haven’t installed (or removed) any packages via the terminal so far (only via visual applications). So I’m clueless what this package provides (and what I might lose) and how to actually “remove” it. (It’s disappointing that the dialog doesn’t give any further hints how to do such things.)


I’ve had the same warning on my XA2, but you can leave that package (and the three other dependencies you would need to remove) where it is, it doesn’t hurt the update process (at least not permanently). I shared my experiences over here already: [Release notes] Suomenlinna 4.3.0 - #232 by meegouser