Unicode escape sequences (\uNNNN) in translations

Ahoy, all community translators and translation coordinators

The unicode escape sequences, like \u2011 for non‑breaking hyphen, do not currently work in translation strings. And at the moment it’s unclear if this can be really fixed or worked around.

However, using the corresponding litteral characters is ok, with the downside that it is hard to spot the differences when those are used (for example, is it - or ‑ ).

I have now corrected those few cases in Pootle where the escape sequences were used. But in the future do not use the escape sequences, and consider wether using the corresponding literal characters is required. In some cases the non-breaking spaces and hyphens might be useful, like discussed, earlier.

Some of the translation guidelines at docs.sailfishos.org mention using the escape sequences. Those have not been updated yet, and the style guides in general would need a review. Contributions on those are also welcome.