[Finnish] Measurements and non-breaking space

Having read the Finnish style guide, I thought of a possible clarification: using non-breaking space with measurements. With current style, the following can happen:

Lämpötila on 20

If non-breaking space - \u00A0 - was used, it would result in the following:

Lämpötila on
20 °C

The latter example feels to me, since the temperature measurement consists of two “words” but neither one alone makes sense without the other. This would improve readability, and with short measurement texts like in the example would have little effect on number of rows (since word wrap happened already).

So the question is: should we add this to the (Finnish) style guide?

(Disclaimer: I haven’t searched any literature about notes or practices regarding this.)

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I think that would make sense.

It is mentined in the guidelines for some languages, that the space between the numeral and unit should be non-breaking. Not sure why some don’t have that mention.


This is what the IEEE says (in Frequent Errors to Avoid | IEEE Council on Superconductivity):

Use a non-breaking space (in Word: ctrl-shift-space; in LaTeX the tilde character “~”) to avoid having the unit appear on a new line separated from the number.