Unable to use mobile data on Sony Xperia 10 III

Mobile network shows “Internet available”, but it cannot connect…

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Sadly the problem came back. I went for vacations for Balkans. Was ok till last EU country (Hungary) the roaming was working ok. But for Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania i had to switch to theirs loclal SIM cards. Once i comeback to EU i switched to my Plus SIM, turn on roaming, im no longer able to use mobile data. The same error as before appears. So reflashing is no way to deal with… Good i always have my Iphone SE with me. So to sum up, X10III is not ready, atleast with traveling, you dont want to end up with not working mobile data, hotspot nor navigation…

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In my experience with XA2 Ultra back when it had problems and currently with Xperia 10iii, the “works when moving the SIM to slot2” problems can also be solved by:

  • turning on slot2 (even if it is empty)
  • then turning off slot1
  • then turning back on slot 1
  • and now leave as-is (both slots on)

In that case, I don’t sacrifice my SD slot.

(and in my specific case, connection not working on the Xperia 10iii when roaming abroad, the problems got solved by flashing Android 11 / 62.0.A.9.11 with newsflasher, the reflashing Sailfish from a dd backup. Other people have also reported success with 62.0.A.3.107)

I am facing the same issues. Sony Xperia 10 III, bought last week, updated to the latest Android version and flashed Sailfish, Telenor (Sweden). I have tried all the tricks mentioned here, did not work for me. I checked my Android phone, copied settings from there (they were different from the default ones):

  • APN: services.telenor.se
  • Protocol: IP
  • Auth: PAP
  • Username and password - empty
    Unfortunately, these settings don’t work either. The same SIM works in another phone. Going to submit a bug report now.

Update: I can face with the same issue some times still, but enable “Flight mode” and disable after 10 seconds rever internet back.

With my Telenor (SE) subscription, which works for me on Xperia 10 II with Sailfish, I use
APN: internet.Telenor.se
Protocol: Dual
Authentication: None

Can you try that?

Thanks for the suggestion and your report - these are default settings and I thought they could be wrong (since on Android devices I see another APN). I have retried it now, when I try to connect to the internet I see “Error connecting to network service”. Forgot to mention - it’s only data that doesn’t work, SMS, for example, works fine.

For me its even worse. Yestarday i decided to reflash. Did as before, but unfortunately, after first reboot, could not reach mobile data anymore. So i tried once again and the same story. On first boot (fresh flash) works till first reboot, then im getting error and nothing helps. Im annoyed, just going to throw away useless phone with only wifi. Maybe someday Jolla will comeback with some solutions or fixes, then let me know…

Hey there, im facing the same problem, zendesk could not provide any good solution,it started a few months of use an xa2 dualsim, both sims working properly in 0.58 build, suddenly out if the blue i got a non functional simcard slot, switching the cards made no difference.When testing both sims in anither phone, using internet,calling, fet called, sms same way and then placed them back in sfos phone made it work again even after update to 0.68 the bug remains though after a reboot.

Just flashed my new device. In my case it didn’t work(no data and no network at all) with the SIM in slot 1. Well, eventually it did, but only when both card slots enabled(have only one card) . When disabling the (empty) slot 2, data+mobile connection from slot1 drops as well.
Seems to work now with the SIM in slot2, and with slot 1 disabled.

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same position, will try this see if it helps.

Bingo. After some time I tried to go back to the Xperia 10 III and found mobile data not working (again). Disabling IPv6 (and enabling roaming, I don’t know if this is really useful) solved the issue immediately.

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try upgrade from to seems to have fixed the ip6 routing issue for me.

I am already on No problem anyway, it does not work any more.

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I guess there is some serious issue with the SIM slot management. I have a single SIM in slot 1 and an SD card in slot 2. If I have both slots on, I get the 4G indication but no data connectivity. If I turn off slot 2, 4G goes off even if slot 1 is still on. Turning slot 2 on again, 4G comes back.

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Anyway, it’s seven months I have purchased this damned phone and I still cannot use it. I think solving this f*cking issue should be priority number one. At least, providing some damn way to restore the phone to the initial networking state short of flashing it. It took me one month to reinstall everything on it and I am not flashing it again, I’ll rather throw it out of the window and get a Nokia X21 when it comes out. Please provide a way to use this device.


You are not alone, been waiting so long, purchased immediately licence and im still not able to use phone. The worst thing, there is no response from Jolla about this. Its god damn basic feature, mobile data! Nowadays you can throw your phone out of window without it.


Same problem.

10 ii is currently a SFOS toy, and I have gone back to my XA2 Plus as my ‘phone’:

Before throwing the device out of the window, I decided to use it to carry out some tests.
Same SIM in other devices: works (of course).
Other SIM in same device: does not work (but can get some kind of connection since the other provider, unlike Vodafone, provides an IPv4 address).
Same SIM in same device on Android: works.
Downgraded to, then upgraded again to does not work.
Reflashed to latest Android 11, then to SFOS again: does not work.
Upgraded SFOS to does not work.

Can reproduce one thing, its 100%. Flash Android (62.0.A.3.109), then flash Sailfish ( or - no matter), mobile data works till first reboot, then not anymore. Tested this on fresh install, aswell as installing apps, configuring and restoring data from backup. No matter, so its not problem with 3rd part applications or mess from backup. For me it should be easy fix, as there is light in tunnel, confirmed it works. (no problem with SIM, provider, settings etc.)