Touchscreen frequently sticks

SFOS on Xperia 10 Dual SIM did run perfect since it was released, but since abt. a week frequently the touchscreen sticks or freezes and no further input or operation is possible.

Restart the screen by Hilfsprogramme did not help.
Rebooting the phone by power off … power on also did not help.

edit: switching the phone to standby by short-pushing the power button, and switch on again wakes up the touchscreen for the next 2 or 3 operations and then the touchscreen stucks again.

This occurs while running the phone as internet access point with data connection + VPN + Mobile access point on.

This is for what i mostly use the phone. Other situations not tested since this occurs.

Does anyone know whats the matter here?

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Your phone is probably bent. Mine (and many others’) is, and has this issue.
Just bend it back (gently).
Restarting homescreen (user unterface), indeed has nothing to do with the touch input.

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In the mean time the freezing of the screen disappeared from itself. The only thing I did was disconnecting it from power supply and I wanted to run the battery empty because a friend adviced me to do so for a full reset of the phone.
After a day and reaching 7% battery power, I played around with the phone and saw that the touch screen no more sticks but works well now. So I aborted the discharge and reconnected the charger. Touchscreen works well till now, I don’t know why but i’m happy

I predict: You will have to get used to it - and it’ll be worse.
Right now my 3rd device in a row is affected.
This issue doesn’t disappear by itself.
There is half a dozen articles here and on together about this.


What helps momentarily:

  • push power button (lock / unlock the device)
  • bend / twist the device gently … just a bit

After a battery replacement it was ok for a while and then started again after some months.
So, if you come to the point of complete unusability - disassemble / reassemble is one option.


So is this a tottering contact / hardware problem?

Probalby a combination of hardware (slightly blowing up battery?! + bad assembly in the case I once described in on thread on together) and maybe a to sensitive setting in the driver for the touchscreen?!? (mererly guess)

The same issue appears on pure Android devices, but appearently not as often as on Sailfish devices, I recon.
So it’s a pain in the a…

My current X 10 + (after just 6 months, replacing my old one wich was unusable because of the same problem) is beginning with this already…worst part: phantom touch inputs, when the phone is going mad, opening random Apps, even calling people unintentionally from the call history, just because this history is open and ‘in front’ - thats insane!

If you try to unlock the phone, open a specific App, input just some data - and it takes you 5 min to do that, just because you have to lock/unlock a dozen times, since bending does not help any more…then you are likely to curse and trow the **** thing into the next bin…I tell you….

I really hope, the AMOLED on X10 II is not affected.


I watched the situation in the last days and checked the functions if this bug occurs. To specify the problem: If I want to wake up the phone from standby, for using it, first I short-push the power button, and then - if screen comes, I put my finger on the FP reader OR swipe left + enter PIN. → This works fine in 2/3 of all cases.

If not (1/3 of all cases), the screen freezes AND the FP reader doesn’t work no more AND swiping is not possible. This comes always together.

In this 1/3 of all cases i have to send the phone to sleep by power button and wake it up again. Nearly always it works at the 2nd attempt, and if not with bad luck, at least at the 3rd attempt it works always.

Sorry, that can’t be a tottering contact! I strongly assume that some process associated with touch screen and FP sensor doesn’t start properly on waking up the phone in this 1/3 of all cases.

Update 9 days later & after reboot:

Screen freezing occurs only very seldom now, if screen freezes, after waiting a few seconds doing nothing, it works again. So I can proceed operating the device.
Reaction of the device on operating steps are much faster in general after the reboot.

So I’m very sure that it was a problem of delaying/sticking/crashed software parts that caused the problem.
edit: Before rebooting, phone was permanently switched on for many months.

Is there any possibility to watch the system with logging/debugging software, so that I can give better constructive report/feedback to dev’s?

Problem was solved by factory reset to 3.2, and then doing the following automatic updates to 3.4, 4.0 and 4.1 .
I also did extra manual reboot between the updates. It’s running perfect now, screen problem is gone.
I’m very sure it was not a hardware issue but system damaged by some Andr* apps.

Unfortunately the problem slightly came back again, but I asked another question to the forum in another thing, because I wanted to make the semi-transparent background of the top menu & app grid intransparent and 100% black - edit: for simple optical taste.

I got answer and was told by @Levone1 to edit a config file. Since I did so, also the sticking screen did appear never again!

See Thread Q: Can I make background of app grid and top menu full black? - Post #4

So maybe the sticking screen comes from a processor overload caused by the necessary graphics calculations for the screen effect? (that is now no more necessary - so no more overload?)

edit 15 days later: The app grid + the upper menu never again sticked since I changed the background color as written above.

I apologize, please ignore my last 3 posts!

The real reason was a tottering contact with the plug on the flat cable coming from the touchscreen and plugged in into a jack on the main PCB.

So I opened the device and fixed it by bending the cover plate of the plug in a way that it better fixates the plug.

now it’s working better than ever before. Let’s see how long.

edit: 22 days later , still working fine !

Since SailfishOS 4.1 same here with Xperia X.
Most the unresponsible screen, in rare cases the phantom touch.
There is no recognizable cause
AlienDalvik on/off, WLAN on/off, charging on/off, battery full/empty, it can always happen.
After upgrade to 4.2 it works for one day, then it comes back :frowning:

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it drives me crazy on my xz2c, only happens when battery is low and resuming from screen off! there are different models of touchscreens in the xperia devices, the td4353jdi is definitely affected…

Probably a bug in the security system.
The problem was eliminated after disabling the fingerprint lock.

Disbabling the fingerprint sensor reduced this freezing, but didn’t eliminate it completly. :frowning:

24 hours after disabling fingerprint sensor it sticks and freezes in the same kind like fingerprint sensor is active. It also sticks already at input of pin code after restart the device ( Xperia 10) :cold_sweat:

After I did what is described in my post #11 , the sticking screen never ever occured again until now! (Feb. 2022) That strenghts my opinion that the cause was a hardware issue / tottering contact.