Q: Can I make background of app grid and top menu full black?

Q: Can I make the background of the app grid and the top menu full black by editing some config or system file?

It is now semi transparent and the screen under the menu is still visible in a blurring, diffuse way. Can I change opacity to 100 %?

If you dont prefer a certain coloured background, you could try
‘Ambience White on Black’ by Polleke on openrepos.
Perfect for the oled display of the X 10 II .

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There’s definitely ways… Check the ‘Patchmanager in Koli’ thread for how to.get launcher patch working. You also could do it via qml edits, but newer versions of SF are a bit more complex in how backgrounds work, etc. I was able to remove the launcher bg entirely by commenting out 2 lines in launcherView file,

but then to make it black would be to add code for a bg/rect, and if you’re not good with coding, you could easily end up with lipstick crash or something. You could make the default bg a solid color pretty easily, but it is used for other things than the launcher, so you’d end up with black bg in other places too… Also, if you do use any patches, modifying any qml that’s been patched causes patch to fail…

quick and easy test - open /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/backgrounds/BlurredBackground.qml, and in line 10, where it says “0.65”, change it to “1.0”…


Works perfect! ¡Muchas gracias! Did exactly what I wanted.

(Restart of screen by Hilfsprogramme is necessary)

edit: This problem: Touchscreen frequently sticks is also disappeared since I made this change.

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May I ask again, is there a way to remove ALL blurry backgrounds in a similar way?
The notifications (swipe right or left after unlocking) and nearly all apps have this! Is it possible to disable this generally? Have I to edit a lot of config files or one for every app?

edit: now running SFOS (Verla) on X10

Should be possible in theory by messing around with the Materials and removing the blur shaders.

I haven’t grokked how they work exactly yet though.

I doubt the result would look very pleasant…

I have found the following dconf keys one may play around with, but setting them to zero doesn’t seem to do a lot:

/desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/blur_iterations     ( int, default 2 )
/desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/path/blur_kernel    ( int, default unknown)
/desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/path/blur_deviation ( int, default 5 )

These sound like the parameters of a Gaussian blur.

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Thank you @nephros ,
Is it possible to stop every blurring action generally and by the way save processor load?
It would be really fine to generally stop such graphical knickknack! Or have I to create a black or dark grey BG image myself as a workaround? (Would be a pity because the BG images are beautiful and I like it, but while working with apps blurry background is in fact annoying)

edit: What I’m thinking of is, maybe something like a global variable, that can be changed from some 0,xxx to 1, to stop this blurring systemwide.

What @Levone1 wrote in post #4 does exactly what I want, but only for the app grid and the top menu. Not for the notifications and the apps that use BB.

There’s a clue here, in /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/backgrounds/BlurFilterSingleton.qml

Not sure how to edit the values - I don’t see anything in dconf search… Maybe you can create the values …

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@Levone1 One experiment with the values did nothing and another brought UI to crash after restarting UI by Hilfsprogramme (white blinking screen, no more reaction). Luckily ssh session from computer was still open, so I could undo my experiment and reboot the phone by shutdown -h now command. Thats too high for me…

Installed now Ambience-white-on-black by Polleke (as @tobset suggested) from Openrepos, this solved the problem.

Thank you all very much for helping!

edit: This is also the best for using the phone in direct sunlight!

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