To buy or not to buy, that is the question


I have been a long time lurker on sailfish, former Meego, Mæmo and Symbian user :wink:
Had it running some years ago on my old Moto, i think it was 2.0 back than.
Now finally got me a Xperia i4113… yes i know its old and not really impressive specwise but it was chead and i don´t have that much money to spend on gadgets.
It is sad i can´t try the android funktions. At least for a couple of days just to be sure everything i want is working well.
Now my questions…
Every time i try to get the weather working it says “invalid authentication credentials” don´t matter wich weather provider i choose.
Next is a bit to users who are running the full version.
We have something that is called MitID here in Denmark, some kind of digital ID. Does it work on SFOS ?
How is Whatsapp working ? Can i call my mom abroad ?
Same question about Telegram…
Is there any working (non Android) navigation for noobs ? Monav and Navit are just plain ugly and not usable imho. Something like Magic Earth would be nice.
Last question… Any chance to get KDE Connect to talk to my PC ? I can connect and share files to my work phone on Android 13 but not to my old TP with Cinnamon.
Thats it for now. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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Jolla weather app is broke, you’ll have to use MeeCast for SailfishOS for now.
I suspect the Jolla weather app will be fixed in a near future.

There is a very good navigation app called Pure Maps. Get it from SailfishOS:Chum GUI Installer.

Sailfish Connect is working fine, as a native KDE connect client.

We also have no less then two working telegram clients. Yottagram and Fernschreiber.


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