The Volla X23 (GX4) Thread

This thread will be for posting updates/discussion about the Volla X23.

Current status is, mostly everything except the camera is working.

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And now the camera is working :slight_smile:


Congrats and many thanks for the port, @piggz !
Still hesitating between Gigaset GS5 (not lite), XZ2 and now, Gigaser GX4 (or Volla when I’ll be rich :slight_smile: .
(Well, as long as my XA2 are working, changing isn’t really reasonable, though)

User xperience is much better on GS5 than on XA2.

On my XA2 Plus and XPeria 10 Plus battery consumption is very high if 4G is enabled. Battery wouldn’t last over a workday.

On my GS5 battery lasts minimum 5 times as long and everything works smooth.

Only backdraws:

  • if you use Android-Apps: you won’t have Aliendalvik. (For me that’s no problem since I don’t use Android apps.
  • small root-partition (6GB) and files in /home use root partition. (Until now this wasn’t a problem for me, too)

Great to hear.

Expecting my X23 within the next days/weeks.
Want to take a short look at focal and then switch to SFOS.

Is there flashable image available at gihub yet?

Thanks for the infos.
Is Waydroid not working?

What do you mean by this?:

Well, we are OT, I think.
We might perhaps continue there:

I mean that files in the /home-partitin of user defaultuser don’t use the large data-partition but the small system-root partition instead.

So storing large files (many photos, videos or offline maps in PureMaps/OSM Server) to phones local storage might eat up local the small space on the root-partitin very fast.

only if you dont encrypt home IIRC

On my first try I dud set up my GS5 with community encryption.
(that was on 4.4.0.?72?)
Storage did show two partitions.

One with more than 80GB free space.
On with 6GB (~2 GB used)

After downloading offline-maps to OSMScout Server the 6 GB partition ran out of diskspace and the phone didn’t boot anymore.

Thought, the problem might have been caused by encryption so I did set up the phone again without encryption.
Now I have only one (small) partition.
That’s o.k. for me since I don’t need so much user data on local storage and since the GS5 is my daily driver I don’t want to lose data by enabling encryption again.

But the problem with system running out of disk space was definitely while encryption was ativated.

But @ric9k is right: We’re OT and should discuss this on the Volla22 thread. :wink: