The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

Volla OS SIM Problems

This most likely happens due to some critical NVDATA partition files losing correct permissions during normal operation of Ubuntu Touch (potentially Sailfish OS as well

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Mr. Popoetaster an idea to make the SIM card on volla os to working…

Try setting a pin? That’s what got it going on SFOS for me. Trying to set a pin got me a prompt which didn’t work, but on reboot, I got prompted and it seemd to stick.

Settings → Security → Advanced, Simcard lock … I think.

I cant set a pin for simcard…simcard is not detectet

I had noticed the same thing, but hadn’t tried swapping slots? Or, wait till the phone is up and then insert the card?

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i turned back to sailfish os gigaset gs5…cant install any app like harbour sailtrix

What happens? That’s not enough information?

i have installed sailfish on on my gigaset gs5…downloaded sailtrix arm v7…
installation sailtrix failed…

wrong architecture. aarch64


@Piggz support for gigaset gs5 down?

im not sure what you mean? it should be working ok

Any updates in next time…
multiboot from sd…

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Sailtrix…aarch64…installation faild too…shit

Can you somehow move the time (info bar) of the unlocked smartphone to the left or right. …That’s where the camera is…

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Yes that’s important on the Volla phone because of the camera notch, where the time display is.
How can I remove time display, add a second line and place time display there?

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Install.some v notch patch

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Hmm… there were some v-notch patches some time ago… But I can’t find it anymore! Checked OpenRepos and Chum and found nothing. Did I oversee something? Please give me a hint!

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how can i install the patch?