The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

Android Apps dont work with this port:-(

Yes and no. The Jolla android support is only available on the X program from Jolla. however, it is possible to run waydroid: has some information. But I don’t use it, so I’m not sure what can and can’t be done.

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The user experience is: you have to start Waydroid subsystem from the app grid, like any other app. Then, a full Android environment launches and this needs some time. After it’s launched, the screen looks like an Android phone and operating the phone inside Waydroid is also A-like. Inside Waydroid, you can have more than one A-app open at the same time and change between them. It has to be operated like an A-phone. On swiping down, not the A-app but the whole Waydroid closes. You can have Waydroid and SF-apps open at the same time, and you can switch between SF-apps and Waydroid by swiping sideways, but file exchange between SFOS and Waydroid is very tricky.


thanks mr. poetaster

any download link for waydroid and install


You need to use chum to install. Instructions and source; GitHub - sailfishos-open/waydroid: Waydroid packaging for Sailfish OS

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Hello sir chum ??? i dont know to use it sorry

Surf to
select SFOS version and device architecture, download the sailfishos-chum-gui rpm and then install it. Chum will appear on the app grid.

Thanks Seven.of.nine :+1:

If problems occur, maybe there’s a conflict between Waydroid and dnsmasq. In this case type in cli:
pkcon remove dnsmasq

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Thanks Seven.of.nine


many thanks for your work here so far. I consider the GS5 the perfect follower for the xperia. So i was hoping somebody would do a port for it.
Do you have a status what is working or not? I am searching for a good used one for a while but if you’re successfull with the port anybody could even brand the GS5 with Sailfish logo. So i would think now about getting a new one in Sailfish style XD That would be great.


my vodafone germany sim card would be not detectet :frowning:
what can i do???
i flashed build from 18.October…
the newest build dont boot up…wich build should i install?

Some users have reported that a reboot fixes the sim card issue. Ive not had a problem. I will check the latest builds though, and get them integrated with the volla multi boot manager

In my case, sending and receiving sms works. But if I try to call someone i get the message “no network”. If someone calls me and I answer, the phone reboots immediately.

Sim slot 1 is my vodafone card…
rebooting dont work…
sim slot 2 the same problem…

i try later the last…newest build…
i hope simcard work…

Flashed some builds with linux mint 21…after some reboot vodafone simcard in slot 1
works now :+1: my new gigaset gs5 volla phone22 :+1:

Thanks mr. piggz

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Ah, i had this … you have an old build i think. Try zypper ref/dup, you need to replace “ofono-binder-plugin” with “ofono-ril-binder-plugin”

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Oh, and you all know these are dev builds, there are no user builds yet…but im working on that :slight_smile:


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