How can i remove some apps like calculator…mail…

How can i remove some apps like calculator…mail…

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The stock calculator can be removed by
pkcon remove jolla-calculator

I did so because I prefer RPNCalc because of it’s RPN input method.

Regarding mail app, I don’t want to test, but maybe
pkcon remove jolla-email

In general, in the directory

are the starter files for the apps. If you open the files there with text editor, you can see the ‘real’ or ‘system’ name of the app in the line beginning with EXEC, and there at the end of the line.

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warum wurde beitrag bemängelt

Strange phenomenon: Since deinstallation of jolla-calculator, stock browser is much faster!

Any explanation for this?

edit: a lot of - edit: all - other apps also much faster now :slight_smile:

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Hi @teracube. For info, while your question about removing apps is a perfectly valid query, it was off-topic for the thread that you originally posted it to.

I’ve therefore moved it into its own topic. This helps to keep the original topic discussion on track, but also gives your query the best chance of getting the answer it deserves.


You can uninstall/install Sailfish/Jolla apps from Jolla store. Like Mail, Calculator, Notes, etc… No need to use Terminal in many cases. Find it in the store, select uninstall from top pulley menu.


I just removed jolla-calculator just to test this, and everything runs faster now. It’s amazing and I love it!

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