The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

update work on my gs5

Yeah, but the kernel is still building :slight_smile: … there are no changes so its fine, but you will get another update at some point

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ok thanks im waiting for final build…

Hallo Meister Piggz

any news about final update to…0.19


Hi, my friend needs Firefox Browser, here we go and What’s App. Does this work with waydroid? How stable is waydroid on Volla 22? Are there any upgrade Problems? Thanks for your answer. Does waydroid cause battery drain, more than usual?

From my Volla I can tell, Firefox works fine on Waydroid and battery drain is unsuspicious. Stability is good. On Volla there is no automatic upgrade, this has to be done manually by CLI if new version of the port is available. I never had fatal errors but minor problems may occur, this also has to be fixed by CLI. Volla 22 I don’t know.

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Dear Mr Piggz, thanks again and by the way me and a friend own a Rephone (6 GB RAM - nice). Both work as a daily and almost perfect with. …0.18.

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Sounds good to me. Thanks.

I have problems to run waydroid:

Got my Volla 22 two days ago. Running via sfos-upgrade on a sd card. Works so far nicely. Will test it further. But right now with no waydroid …

edit the file /etc/gbinder.d and change aidl2 to aidl3

I already changed it, for all entries:

[root@Phone22 defaultuser]# cat /etc/gbinder.d/anbox-hybris.conf
/dev/puddlejumper = aidl3
/dev/vndpuddlejumper = aidl3
/dev/hwpuddlejumper = hidl

/dev/puddlejumper = aidl3
/dev/vndpuddlejumper = aidl3
/dev/hwpuddlejumper = hidl

Or do I have to use the other gbinder-package? Not the hybris one?

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Kuvakaappaus - 2023-04-15 18-19-21


Ahh, thanks. Ok, now lineageos starts. Great.

I haven’t found it before, that apart form aidl3 something else has to be changed.

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@piggz just to note that the sim card foo and the constant jumping cpu usage issues are no longer the case. Reboot leads to normal SIM PIN prompt and the cpu usage looks about as normal as it gets.

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Sorry, but doesn’t work for me. Tried to install waydroid with no success. And now sim card doesn’t get recognized after several reboots. Before it was a good daily. How do I completely remove waydroid? I didn’t need it in past and I guess I’ll not need it in future. Please help me to get rid off it.Thanks.

boot to recovery …factory reset (format data)…and flash sailfish again…

Please, no way. I’ll not reconfigure everything I need.
Until I find a solution I do have to use my Xperia 10 plus again. Let’s see. No hurry. Sadly, because I enjoyed the Rephone a lot.

du mich auch… auf dem rephone funktioniert kein sailfish!

Finaly I realy had to reflash, and now everything works like charme again. I must have done a mistake somewhere in between. Right now it is my daily again, without waydroid. Thanks Mr. Piggz, for your good work.

Does sending images via Fernschreiber work for anyone? It seems that there are some troubles with it, at least for me.

I am further testing, pictures and gps are way better than with the xperia xa2 plus.