The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

Good to hear there is a way to rescue your GS5. I didn’t expect it was able to get alive again from the state it was in. Could there be a kernel mismatch with VollaOS? So booting loads kernel version X and modules on the rootfs are version Y? I would expect it to be able to boot into fastboot in that case.
My X10iii will probably arrive in a few days.

Hy meister Piggz
any news about update to

Do you really need it?

I figured out what the issue was. The second device was a a GS5 ‘lite’. Strange that I didn’t notice it, since they have different capacity. So, it ‘seems’ that the GS5 is ok, but NOT the ‘lite’. Can anyone confirm is they have the ‘lite’ working?

@piggz, I think the ‘only’ thing of issue is video/browser stuff. Otherwise, if I’m not mistaken, it’s only CLAT / IPV6 stuff in the .19?

I’m sorta wishing I’d kept the GS5 at 4.4. The browser is LESS stable on 4.5. But the vollaphone is still my daily.

Would be nice update to…19

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@piggz Thank you so much for everything! It would be very fine to have the new CLAT on the Volla phones!

heh. I have a static ipv4 at home :slight_smile: and my mobile telco also still uses mostly ipv4 for mobile data!!! (all my servers are dual stack, eh!)

I think the main difference between GS5 and GS5 lite from OS-view is the kernel.
GS5 comes with Android 11 and GS5 lite comes with Android 12 by default.

Did anyone update his GS5 to Android 12 before installing SFOS?
I’d expect him to run in the same issues that you did have on your GS5 lite.

Or does SFOS need an update to Android 12 before installing on a GS5?

Ok, that’s what I was thinking. I took a look at another GS5 (my son has a lite with android) and it is in fact a 12. I looked at my GS5 (not lite) and saw that the dumps I had made where older (the 18 lineage). I was not being careful enough (too many experiments at once).

Good you found that!
For the record, my GS5 was a GS5 Lite.

I now have a X10iii here on my desk, halfway the “sony dance”, only to discover they “secured” their unlock process with a google recapcha :frowning: for which the terms and conditions are completely unacceptable to me.

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If you want to “shoot” a GS5.
Actually Gigaset offers 25% dicount on GS5 on their webshop with discount code SPRING-2023.

But you need to hurry. Discount offer ends today.

After one week of testing as potentionally daily driver I must say: The Sailfish device with the best user-experience I’ve ever owned.

Thank you so much @piggz for your great work.

Installation (over github) and apdate to went straightforward and without any problems.

Battery lasts longer than a day in my use case. (2 SIM-cards (one on 2G, one on 4G), WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS activated; moderate usage with mail-, caldav- and carddav-sync).
Compared to my XPeria10Plus running SFOS, which in this configuration only lasts less than 12 hours, that’s a quantum jump.
Even though it’s not compareable to my Volla (1) running UBTouc which lasts two days in the same use case.
But one day is enough for me- so I think I’ve got a new daily driver.

The only wish this port keeps open (for me) is that it gets an officially supported license so that it gets long lasting updates :wink:


Dont worry, i intend to keep giving updates for the foreseeable :slight_smile:

If you like my work, PayPal.Me


I already did last week (and I hope everybody who’s using your impressive work does so, too :wink:)

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I have no paypal, is there any other way to support your great work? (bank order?)

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Me too, no pay pal, but I would like to give something too. Thanks for your work. I would appreciate it to use it for a long time. Akku Power is great. Volla22. Thank you.


Ok, if people need an IBAN number its


Thanks Mr.PIGGZ for update to :+1:

slow down, it hasnt finished building yet!