The discussion tree is unreadable

Answers are shown somewhere away from the orginal posts.
This thread looks like I talked to myself:

though there were some answers:

Looks really stupid and unreadable. The discussion tree branch is completely broken.


This thread looks like I talked to myself

Discourse is not a threaded forum. It’s why they’re called ‘topics’.

I think of that ‘n replies’ feature as a look-ahead, to see which later posts include replies to that one. A post may reply to several posts, too.

If you search you’ll find interminable discussion on the subject.


Are you sure? (how could one do that?)
Or just a typo and you meant:
There may be several replies to a post.

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I see a quote is not a treated as a reply, so no.


I am not a fan of this forum either, for the same sorts of reasons. This is me being polite. You don’t want to hear what I really think

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Anything better out?

I definitely did not like askbot and its questions, answers divisioning and hereby splittering the timely order of posts.

Did you ever try to follow up in a timely manner something on OpenRepos?

But this here comes closer to standard timely ordered forums as they were known. What is wrong with that?
A post which is replied to holds a link to the answer. And if done continuously you can then follow to the next answer on this reply and hop further and further. Leaving out all the other ‘chit-chat’ in between.

Of course this here does not follow this reply-answer-reply scheme as it might be an option.
But also: I personally do NOT use threaded view for Outlook based mail viewers (never, I just hate it) as I loose the overview pretty soon (and deleted stuff I did not want to).

So maybe this is just a personal attitude? But I do not know anything better out.


Wait what… did this break the reply chain? I was trying to reply to DaveRo post that has two quotes and it ended up as reply to peterleinchen… or just some weirdness, retry
Now seems to work, to repeat the post I will try to delete now:
Actually this post is listed in ‘replies’ in both of the comments you quoted, so yeah

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There’s always slashdot/reddit clones, but not sure if those are better (if every comment starts a new discussion tree… maybe better to start a new thread (or topic in discourse nomenclature), but it’s good for having few unrelated or only slightly related discussions to the OP, standard forum seems much better for Jolla’s case?)

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I don’t care what Discourse is. I care if it is usable or not.

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It is very much usable if you treat it as a forum and not as a threaded general discussion forum where people come into a topic to start offtopic discussions (discussion branches or what have you). No idea why forums lost popularity in web 2.0 but it still seems the best way to keep discussion on topic, if you want to have a separate discussion to the OP just start a new thread

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Old one ( was quite usable.
Openrepos type is fine if threads are not too deep.

What is wrong with that?

This one definetily is not timely ordered. In timely ordered I would see my comment, then reply to my comment, then my reply to this reply. Here I see my post and then my reply to something invisible.

I do not like threaded view in Outlook or Gmail. But Outlook never drops something that was in between my replies.

Yeah, this is very wierd.

I think I just misclicked as the second attempt replied as expected

Never got used to TJC really, comments got hidden very soon and tracking what exactly bumped a thread was a pain, expand all ‘see more comments’ click on the answers part sort by newest, but the answers to answers wouldn’t bump it, so if someone commented on an answer in the middle neither sort would bring it up, it was a mess if you wanted to check what’s new and often would just skip the hassle if the question wasn’t important to me. Sure for collecting questions - answers it was probably ok, but as a place to discuss anything, ugh


It’s not so usable at leat due to layout:

Original post is aligned wrong. It’s start should be placed more to the left than tha answer or at that same level if it is flat timely ordered forum or shown as a quote but not like sub-branch of previous branch.

Not sure if bug but all the ‘replies’ I can expand align fine

Still I think it’s just a matter of giving it time and getting used to (and maybe not expecting this to be reddit and more of a focused discussion)

But anyway it doesn’t explain first picture in the original post. Why it’s shown like if I talked to myself?
Well, “branch” can be flat, but why the timed odrer is broken?
Though if there is such thing as reply you can’t avoid trees anyway.

You replied to the same post twice? You’re not talking to yourself just replying to the post twice? And as you can reply to multiple posts in one post you also cannot guarantee trees or end up with weird bushes (or imagine how it would look on slashdot/reddit)

edit: if you look at the source (might be tricky as second reply is after loading some extra, just use F12 and then network and then scroll to the bottom so it loads whole thread, second to last json call will have it) both of them have:
reply_to_post_number 3
It’s just showing direct replies to atlochowski’s post and both were yours

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That’s possible due to horrible layout. Two Reply buttons in the proximity, andthe blue one draws user’s attention making the other one poorly visible.

Possibly here you made same mistake.

Cool, but one answer was like 40+ answers later, so it wasn’t an accidental ‘reply’ button click