The big Thank You & Coffee thread

Some more coffees cups for @ichthyosaurus!
Thanks for the great apps!


Sailfish OS forever !
Not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard ! :wink:

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Coffee for @ichthyosaurus

Many thanks for the patch to remove Weather info from the lock screen, had recently discovered the update from April on OpenRepos. A small detail but has been irritating me ever since the option was removed from Settings!



pkcon remove sailfish-weather

removes it completely, if the app is not needed.

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Also, if a user wishes to keep the Sailfish Weather app but does not want to use patchmanager, then the appropriate file can be edited with just ONE character removed.

devel-su nano /usr/lib64/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Weather/WeatherIndicator.qml

import Sailfish.Weather 1.0

Row {
    id: root

    property alias ...
    property alias ...
    property alias ...
    property alias ...

    anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
    height: image.height
    spacing: Theme.paddingMedium
    visible: !weather    // <---- this line looked like this originally; visible: !!weather

    Image {
       id: image

Removing just one exclamation mark makes the lockscreen weather hidden.


Has this grown into a Big Thank You & Weather thread?


You know what they say: “Everyone keeps talking about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it!” Well, now someone has.

But I come here not for that but to thank @attah for Seaprint, and since I had to log into Paypal I also need to thank Marko Koschak for OwnKeepass. I haven’t found Marko’s handle here. Enjoy your beverages!


Would love to donate to fifr (Frank Fischer). Anybody already did it and has evaluated the options?

Thank you for showing your appreciation!


Thank you. Situations app from @hhaveri is a must have for me. I’m sure that new alpha will work as before and better soon.

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Thank you @nephros for the brilliant ThemeColor app!

I have used the app to create ambiences of my own, but it’s not just that. ThemeColor contains a vast amount of information about Ambiences and all the UI stuff related to that. The app may seem a bit confusing at first, but there is a handbook to guide you through the journey.

I recommend to check this app out, if you want to create your own ambiences in the easiest way possible or just to learn more about ambiences and SFOS UI elements!

PS. Nephros doesn’t accept donations so I made a small donation to OpenRepos instead, as they wished :–)


Thanks (with bow) to @poetaster for Fahrplan.
Was travelling across Europe by train until I got trapped in the Deutsche Bahn mayhem. I remembered about this app and was able to plan a last-chance alternative route to destination. That saved me a forced overnight stay in Germany. Thanks!


Thanks! The Deutsche Bahn binary backend is still the great work of others (Smurfy, I think?) but I’m happy to keep it on it’s feet! Great to know it works in a pinch!


Actually this app is really amazing, works also with weak net coverage (unlike db app) and shows ALL possible connections without prefer “quick” (i.e. expensive) connections nonsense

The really cool thing is that it uses the old binary apis. I believe that they are not officially supported and there are 3 levels of obfuscation with the current apis. The old hafas (xml based) have several (json) adapters in front of them for web foo. It’s a giant cluster you know what. @cypherpunks speeds up using the current apis by having a static, scraped DB of all stations ‘in app’.

The old binary interfaces,i believe, work because they’re actually used by hardware signaling! hence the speed and reliability. I think it’s a real old-school hack. But I can’t take credit for it. Sadly :slight_smile:

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