Thank you thread

A This is a bit off topic but I couldn’t find a better location for it:

I wanted to use this opportunity to say a BIG BIIIG Thank you to everybody who has contributed in any kind of form to Sailfish since it’s beginning.

I just use my new XA2 now for one week and therefore freshly had to set up everything as I am used to and came across soo many patches, apps, tips, tricks etc.
And realizing how smooth everything is meanwhile working (yes there are still many many open issues but this is for another thread…)
That I felt totally happy switching phones.

Especially the community contributions with patchmanager and the patches give me really smiles … I don’t know why but usually I’m more excited to see a new patch rather than a new app.
Maybe because quite often patches come right when I want to complain about THAT specfic behavior, it’s incredible.

For such a small userbase and such a small developer base (inkl. the Jolla staff) I’m blown away how good everthing works.

Once again everybody: THANK YOU


From me also Thank You Thank You Thank You!

It’s so pleasant and stress free to work with SFOS phone, really, I use a smartphone only because SFOS exists. I got the recommendation from a friend abt. 1 1/2 years ago, and before this I did never use a smartphone because I felt it as a stress machine and didn’t want this. But with SFOS I can also benefit from the possibilities a smartphone offers.

Again, Many Thanks Jolla!


I use Sailfish OS since the first day it came out for the Xperia X. Although there are some flaws and sometimes things get sort of weird I am happy with SF. I now use a XA2 and in addition an old Samsung S4 with Linneage for stupid things I would not do an my normal phone. They would all work on the SF, though.

I had Microsoft phones, Androids and I was given an iphone recently. But when it comes to a daily driver I trust in it is my Sailfish phone.

Keep up the good work and rock on.


After reading through few desperate, impatient and discouraging threads, good to see a THANK YOU thread. That is a nice gesture to Sailors who are working hard to keep this ship afloat.

Thank You from myself too.


I’ve also used SailfishOS since XperiaX came out and am super pleased that people really put the work in to this very viable alternative. I clinged to my aging Blackberry Passport, but it was nice to move to something that is being actively developed and not be forced to Google or Apple.


I also have to say thank you! After a rather long journey from android to CyanogenMod, to Ubuntu phone, I ended up using Sailfish. Even though there is no vibrant development, sailfish is perfectly usable as a daily driver. It is stable, and for most user cases it offers native apps. The android support gives you the opportunity to fall back on android applications - mostly to interact with firms (e.g. public transport). I am really happy with my xa2 and hope jolla and the community keep on going!