Starting developping apps for sailfish

I have been using sailfish phone for about an year. I have the full licence, so I can install android apk’s, but I havent installed googlle services on my phone because I try to stay away from google’s ecosystem.
I have been’thinking about developing apps for sailfish and now I would like to find good tutorials on how to start developing. I run arch on my computer and I have found some tutorials, but I wasn’t very serious then about developing apps. Now I want to start trying to make applications that sailfish users need.
So my question is, what are the best tutorialsl for beginner? I know I can found some tutorials without problems, but I would to like find tutorials that are actually good ant other people have used.

One more thing, I have the original Jolla-phone, it just sits in my cupboard and I been thinking should I just sell it, or keep it and wait to the price to rise. What you guys think?


There’s a good amount of links here:

Do you have any coding experience in e.g. Javascript, Python, Qt/C++ or any other language?


An immaculate boxed example may be of limited appeal to collector, but suggest sell while has any value left.

I have mine still and a spare battery. I boot it sometimes for old times sake. I’m going to keep it as one of the few of that kind of keepsake. I sold my N9s/N900s and the first google phone and sort of regret it.

What helps me sometimes is going through the code of other people, it’s more work but you often have no choice given the scarcity of people developing for SFOS (and even fewer write about development stuff).

If you want some help, hit me up, though I don’t consider myself an expert in SFOS development.

Regarding your original Jolla phone, if you ever plan to sell it, let me know, I would be interested in buying a working original Jolla or Jolla-C.

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I sometimes refer to : Qt6 QML Book: A Detailed Guide to Using Qt . Even though it’s 6 centric, most of the techniques apply. As @Rikudou_Sennin suggests, learning from apps that exist. Pick some simple ones to start? I’ve been wanting to build tutorials from simple apps I maintain (after a cleanup!) for ages, but that’s really time consuming.

What area/type of app would you start with?

I’ll try to start with ‘Ohm’, initially by @thesignal in 2014 (still on Storeman/OpenRepos), fork by @ade (from 2021). I’ll try to add a few more formulas.

edit: like
Frequency/wavelength/velocity factor
dB calculation
cable loss

and add fields to existing formulas, like a 4th field ‘Power’ to Ohm’s law.

once an app is ready for testing and you are looking for testers, please consider @sockseight for assistance.

more info here → Volunteer available for testing apps / bug fixes

Sorry, I totally forgot this post, so if it’s against the rules to lift a year old thread, I’m sorry. I started focusing on writing a book, so I just kinda forgot about my passion for app developing and now I want to start it. I will read the links that you linked for me, but for me best way to learn is to just find out how to get started and maybe make an app following a tutorial. After that I have more knowledge to understand what I’m reading and when I start to develop my own app, I can search answers for my problems.

I really don’t have any coding experience, expect Python, very little bit of C# and thanks to those I have general understanding how coding works.

I still have my Jolla phone. It is in good condition, but I have no box for it, so I think that I won’t get much from it. I tried to find used Jolla phones on sale, but didn’t find any, so I really don’t have any idea how much I could get from it. I’m pretty broke, so if I can get like 100€ from it, I would sell it, but I doubt it. I think max that I could get is like 50€ so I rather keep it as kinda of collectable.

I would like to create a script that does something when I press the power button correct way. Like two short presses, one long press and two short presses and then the script would activate. The script’s purpose is to reset the phone to the factory defaults, I understand that problem with that is my passcode and the script should have right to completely wipe everything from the phone even without the passcode.

Another idea that I had is something that I’m sure has been done before, but app that tracks electricity prices and it sends an alert when it’s best time to wash your clothes etc. I think that would be good practice app to create, because you can add more functions to it, when you start learning more about coding.

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I don’t think so. I think it’s better to reactivate an old existing thread to a topic than creating a new one as duplicate. So I think you did right. Thank you!


I had a little roadblock right away. So I’m using arch on my computer and the official sailfish SDK is built for ubuntu (so debian). There are couple unsupported aur-packages, but I really don’t know what to do now. Should I just install unsupported version from aur?

I have been trying to install the official file from the website but I cannot get it to work. I get error message saying “permission denied” even though I’m running the console as a root.
Does someone have some advice for me?

I hope those numbers were just you typing something random on the keyboard and not the actual filename you downloaded. The official installer is called (or offline, if you prefer that). And before you can run it, you need to give it the executable permission. Please have a look at the Installation | Sailfish OS Documentation.


Yeah I was just typing something random on my keyboard, because I couldn’t see the whole name of the file :smiley:

And thank you, I got it finally working. It was weird to use an exe like installer thought :smiley: