Volunteer available for testing apps / bug fixes

hi all,

i would like to volunteer for testing any of the bug fixes that needs verification.

if any developer is looking for testers to test / validate their application & code, i am willing to offer my assisstance.

about me:

  • 10+ years software testing experience.
  • familiar with linux environment.
  • new to git usage.
  • new to mobile application testing of any kind.
  • about 5 years ago, used a sailfish device for few months.
  • availability - 2 to 4 hours / weekday. timezone IST.

PN: if there is a separate link for this topic kindly forward me to that.


Thanks for the info! I think this could spark a new wave of volunteers and app devs finding each other!

One further question: what device(s) with SFOS do you have? Okay, two: If any, do you run Android App Support?

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you are welcome!

  1. from mid 2017 to early 2018, i used to have the โ€œIntex Aqua Fish, 4G LTEโ€. it was my secondary device along with a OnePlus One.

  2. from what i can remember i did not enable the Android App Support.

what happened to that device

on a fateful day after getting down from a cab (more like an auto, a three wheeled ride for hire) i absent-mindedly handed over the Aqua Fish device to the driver thinking it to be somebody elseโ€™s phone. that was the last time i saw that device.
the next day i filed a police compliant online but in vain. :mending_heart:

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due to certain inevitable reasons the username @writersdoc22 will be deprecated by me.

please get in touch with the new username @sockseight .
i will continue my contributions using this new username.

the old username / account(@writersdoc22) shall be deleted after sometime.

my apologies for any inconveniences caused.

PN: i did not come across any channel or method that would help me rename the username from one to another. i was not sure if that would even be possible. hence this alternative to avoid all the bother.