Starting camera is slow in

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): EA
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): XA2 dual sim
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): YES

DESCRIPTION: Starting camera (Jolla camera app) takes 5-10 seconds every time.During starting there is black screen 2-4 seconds before the viewfinder. Black screen viewfinder also happens after every picture taken.

PRECONDITIONS: Camera started in 1-2 seconds and was ready for the pictures. Could take picture after picture without more than 1s delay.


  1. Start the camera from the button, icon or lock screen


To be able take pictures in a fair amount of time (under 2-3s or so)


Starting camera and taking first picture takes 6-11 seconds.


(Please ALWAYS attach relevant data such as logs, screenshots, etc…)
OS is not encrypted, no patches used, no Android support started.


It should be, roughly:

  • app cover with spinner: 1 to 1.5 sec
  • black screen, getting the viewfinder up: 1 to 1.5 sec
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It takes about 6 seconds on my XA2 (start to I can take a picture)


same on my XA2+, probably even longer.

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In my case (Xperia X) does not start at all, after upgrade.
Should I open a different bug in your opinion?

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I would open a new bug report because of the different device. I just reinstalled the whole OS and went back to Sailfish OS 4.1. I’ll wait for the actual release of 4.2 (after the EA) if they have fixed the bug.

Same here in XA2. the cover loads between 2-4 seconds and black screen to viewfinder takes another 4-6 seconds to load completely.

Anyone willing to collect a journal log about the camera opening so slowly (more than 5 sec)?

journalctl -ab > camera-4.2.0.txt

Also this, please

ssu lr > ssu-lr.txt


Great, will send you a private message with links to my Nextcloud from which you can download both files

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I reflashed the phone and updated the again (now encryption enabled) and still the same problem. I couldn’t get the log so thank you @jollajo

confirm, cmera much slower than previous versions. And it lost quality settings, only aspect ratio now configurable.

If you restart your phone, wait 1-2 minutes and then open the Camera, how long does it take in this case?
(just trying to narrow down why/when it happens)

Same time, 7-9s. Currently happens every time but is slightly faster if I shut and open the camera several times. There is sometimes 0.5s green coloured display straight before the viewfinder appears (just to inform if you gather more details).

Viewfinder is also black after taking the picture and viewing it with left-to-right-swipe and then returning to photo-taking-mode in camera with right-to-left-swipe. Screen is then black 2-4s before viewfinder appears.

Same on my XA2+.
If AlienDalvik’s running the camera often refuses to start at all, but that seems to be another issue.

Which is the case since at least SFOS3.2 :frowning: (and one of the worst things if you just want to make a quick shot…,…,…,…)

Guess I posted on TJC a workaround with qCommand but even this fails sometime and stopping AlienDalvik most often works. But also sometimes only a real reboot or at least restarting user session helps. And then the situation is gone :(:(:frowning:

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For the record:
on my X the camera works as normal on 4.2

it seems a bit faster, about 5secs

Thank you; it happened to me the same issue described here when upgrading.
So, finally, I realized some package did not complete the upgrade: I simply executed version --dup to finish correctly the update (around 30-40 packages) and the camera now works.

BUT, do you also have a green bottom band like the following?
Should we open a bug?

Maybe it is some new functionality, not a bug? Notifying about 4:3 ratio?
(set it to 16:9 in settings-apps-camera and the green bar is gone)

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I have the same problem of a slow starting camera on an XA2 on the official 4.2 release (not EA).

I had not seen this issue on the forum so it took me by surprise when it first happened today and the moment for the photo was lost (no big deal in itself).

I’ve just timed it and it was 7.6 seconds from tapping on the camera app icon to being able to take a photo, but nearly 5 of those seconds was the black screen after the app had loaded and before the screen came up with what the lens was seeing.

This certainly is a regression from 4.1.

So I guess this wasn’t fixed between the EA release and the official release of 4.2 and we’ll have to wait until 4.3 in a few months time to see if it is fixed there.