Camera often just stays black [XA2]

Quotes from a different thread:

Same here. One cannot even trust it will come up at all.

Also, often after capturing video, when stopping and starting to record another the screen flashes green.

Opening this bug report, because the comments in the quoted thread end in 2021, but the problem still persists in 2023, version 4.5.

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It’s not necessary the best idea to open a new bug report. If it’s really different, please format it correctly. There is an amazing app called Bugger.

The very slow opening happens on 4.5 on my XA2 too, however I have never had issue finally having preview video.

But I have to admit that I do not use my camera too often, because it is slow like a hell…

I have the same problem, but this occurs since I have my phone (2019). I just accepted this as an all-time problem, but looks like other people dont have it? (Waiting for the camera + green image)

(But I have some other problems, too:)