SSH How-to: type CLI terminal commands into your phone from your Linux computer

I thought it was perhaps not an evidence to all on how to ssh into the phone.
To ease terminal command typing, to ease copy-paste, to solve things, it is useful being able to do it into a computer. Very handy and faster.
So here is a simple how-to. Feel free to complete/comment.

This is for Linux machines as I don’t know how it goes in Windows or Macos.
edit: @gaidheal indicated Powershell + some module to install, can be used in Windows.


On the phone side:

  • Go into the settings and open Developer Tools
  • Tick Developer Mode
  • Tick Remote connection
  • Enter a password, click “Save” + enter code
  • Look at the USB IP address (usually
  • You can close the page and the settings.

Plug the phone to the computer and tick “developper mode”

On the computer side:

  • Open a terminal

  • Depending on your useranme, type either:

    ssh defaultuser@ (or the USB IP address you found earlier instead of


    ssh nemo@ (or the USB IP address you found earlier instead of

    If you ignore your username (nemo or defaultuser), just open a terminal window. The username will be written in the prompt. (Terminal app just appeared in the app grid when you enabled Developer Mode)

  • Enter the password you entered in the phone in the Developer Tools page

    You are now into your phone.

  • To exit and come back into your computer’s shell, type:





If you want to connect without cable but through wifi:

  • Connect the phone’s wifi
  • Connect your computer
  • Look at the WLAN address in the Settings Developer tools page
  • Follow the same procedure but replace the USB IP address by the WLAN address.

If you’re on the same network you can ssh into it without usb.
secondly powershell in windows supports ssh, you may need to install module for it though.

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Thanks for pointing. Will add more details about that.

To log in without having to type the password from a Linux host:

    $ ssh-keygen -t rsa

Use the default file locations and leave the password empty (provided you are the only root on your computer).

    $ ssh-copy-id defaultuser@IP

Type the depeloper password one last time. After that public-key authentication should work.

Now you can become root on your Jolla and copy ~defaultuser/.ssh/authorized_keys to ~/.ssh. After that

    $ ssh root@IP

should also work without asking for a password.


Thanks, Very handy!
Security oriented people might wish only using that for defaultuser and not for root?

Older users will still be nemo as the user. I know my devices are still nemo@x.x.x.x


Yes right, thanks, I added.