Browser How-to: set a default search engine of your liking [Presearch]

Most of you probaly already know how to do this, but I hope this helps someone.

Usually you can just navigate to the webpage of your preferable search engine, click the hamburger icon on the bottom right, go to Settings, tap “Search on” and tap to install the search engine you want. I guess this method works on almost any search engine.

However, in my case this didn’t work, since I wanted to set Presearch as my default search engine.


This could be done in number of ways, but I show you the way I found most comfortable:

On your PC:

Connect your phone to your PC via USB and select Media Tranfer (MTP) mode. Copy or cut the file and save it in the Downloads folder of your phone. You could also use SSH for this.

Now open the terminal app on your phone or connect your PC to your phone via SSH.

  • Go your Downloads folder

cd Downloads

  • Move the file to the correct folder and rename it to

mv opensearch.xml /home/defaultuser/.local/share/org.sailfishos/browser/searchEngines/

  • Restart the browser, go to Settings, tap “Search on” and choose Presearch
  • You are good to go!

Just going to worked for me (showed up in settings->Search on->Presearch tap to install, test search request worked fine)

Which device are you using? I’m on Xperia 10 III and I get this type of error when trying that method:

Weird, same device and it just installed fine for me
edit: Maybe it’s because I visited your link first? I know either Lycos or Qwant would not show up in the engine selection until I visited some subpage that had instructions how to add it to firefox or something, main page would not add it automatically, kinda hard thing to troubleshoot as not sure how to get back to the previous state, we should be able to long press on the found engines to remove them