Squeal, freeze, reboot

I did have a go at searching to see if anyone has had the same problem I’ve been having.

Twice now, at random times, my Xperia 10II has squealed, frozen and rebooted when plugging USB into the device from my laptop. Anyone else had such a thing happen?

The device does reboot back to SFOS without a problem, but would be nice to know what is causing this. I suppose it could be my cable, in which case I will need to buy a new one to test.

I’m guessing you are plugging it in to something that has or is a display. E.g. a docking station or monitor.
In that context, this has been reported several times.

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Nope. Plugged into laptop.

Edited to reflect your comment.

Still, it sounds very similar to e.g. 10III crashes with beep when plugged into docking station

Maybe there’s some Thunderbolt magic happening on the laptop, similar to what an USB3 docking station would do?

Also, 10III crashes with beep when plugged into docking station - #10 by Cmdr_Zod seems to indicate it’s related to power delivery rather than any functional features of USB3.

Which kind of USB did you plug it in on the notebook side? USB-C oder USB-A?
If USB-C, does your laptop has some special feature to emulate an external screen?

I should clarify something here, I note from a previous comment of mine in another thread given in @Nephros earlier comment above, that I’m using a Targus dock, but I am no longer using that dock or any other due to graphics issues with Photoshop & Illustrator.

My USB-C cable is plugged into a USB3 port on my laptop, which is 10 years old. The ports are a little baggy I’ve noticed.

I agree that power delivery could easily be a problem and to add, I sometimes get the pop-up from Windows stating that An unrecognised device has been plugged in, this is pretty rare.