Double tap in kde plasma mobile

true, but sometimes I still miss it on my XA2. On the other hand, PinePhone does not even have Fingerprint recogition. So it wakes on double tap and you must enter a PIN, very uncomfortable by today’s standards, so to say. Ore you make it PIN-less which is not safe.

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When I first read this, I thought you must be joking. But with the GT917S panel,

wake-up can be achieved by swipe, double-tap, or writing specified letters on the touch panel.

Last quote is from manufacturer’s data sheet. So you’ll never stop learning, and I’m still very impressed by this odd beast in my drawer (which has been my main phone for a whole month in early 2021).

does that mean the Pinephone would support even more screen actions which are not (yet) implemented? I am very interested in sxmo PistmarketOS which shows a good deal of alternative screen actions (but no double tap, so far)

Well, the hardware surely does. The operating system has to make use of it using the panel’s Linux driver, which itself has to support the gesture mode (which it does, using its gtp_enter_doze() interface). So I’d guess SXMO does not enable gesture mode while KDE Plasma obviously does.

Can you confirm that on KDE Plasma, the device wakes up on swipe events, too?

no, it doesn’t. I think not even double tap works. The screen dims, then shuts off, but a touch will still wake it. After a while, touch shuts off too, and whether aou double tap or single tap does not matter. So my double tap discovery was just a matter of sweet Jolla 1 memories ;( (I belive). Funny thing is: Double tap even after 2 Minutes works, but after 30 minutes: No double tap on screen. Double click on power button is necessary ;(

Fortunately i may correct myself in my above posting.
With mcetool --set-ps-on-demand=disabled
and mcetool --set-low-power-mode=enabled low-power-mode is working well and it causes no problems with proximity sensor on my Xperia 10II with SFOS EA so far.
More information here.

with XA2 I use fingerprint so double tap is obsolete (but I liked it). With Pinephone there is no fingerprint, so doubletap is welcome. But in KDE plasma mobile, the feature is not very consistent. Seems to get stuck in deep sleep, or something.

Is it tracked upstream somewhere in KDE?
Are we sure PinePhone is capable of doing this, any refs?

Just got my PinePhone so need to get used to the project infrastructure and such…

So the first time you tried in OP you just didn’t give it enough time to sleep?

I do not really know. I think, it’s just quite inconsistent. I can let the PinePhone sleep for hours and it will wake on double tap, and I can let it sleep für 5 Minutes and double tap will do nothing. So, I’d say they did implement a wake on double tap function, but this is not a very stable OS yet.
What do you mean with refs? On my PinePhone it works, and I must have flashed some 25 KDE Plasma Mobile edge OSes on my card, and some KDE stable too. They do it most of the time.

Ok thanks. By refs I meant it’s hw ability, but from the touch datasheet we already saw it’s capable to do that.

Having that, I don’t have the feature on Manjaro, maybe I’m on old version, don’t know how to flash, etc. yet.
Could you help me to check recent Manjaro and/or other PlaMo OSes to have some list where the feature is implemented for sure?
I would try to port it to Manjaro then…

I’d say this is Manjaro, and it is recent, too. But those dev releases are not too stable.
I just flash it on a memory card and put that into my PinePhone.
Using macs, I take etcher for flashing.

Are you saying the feature is present on dev versions of Manjaro?
I’ll check it then, thanks.

works also on stable.

It was considered it doesn’t work actually, as the touch driver in use doesn’t support it:

What you see is probably double taps received when phone was actually awaken, even if display is off.
Let me know if you think I’m wrong.

can be true, but I feel it worked also after no action for 30 minutes. Can that be doze mode still? Still you may be right, as sometimes double tap will not wake the phone. But this may be details that need some polishing.

For me, even if the phone lays untouched, it wakes up itself occasionally, without any reason.
But it doesn’t happen very often.

Try to test it more, most of the time the dbl tap doesn’t work here after deep sleep…

mine does not, and after resting over night on my table, double tap woke it up immediately. If discover app is searching for updates, which takes very long time, double tap will not always work. Maybe the system is too busy with discover running.

Can you check somehow if the system was actually sleeping or not at the time?

would not know how, but 'd assume with no app active, within twelve hours no action, it should be actually sleeping very well. But then, Manjaro KDE is quite a mess… Currently Bluetooth does not work, display scaling does not work, and whatnot else :wink: