Sony Xperia 10 ii is not available anymore in my country (NL). Will Sailfish also be possble on the 10 iii soon?

The 10 ii was available for a short time only. It’s sold out now. I gave my XA2 to someone who is interested in Sailfish to try it out. I also have an XA2 plus, that’s my daily device now. The cardslot is broken, so no sd-card is possible.
The quick changes of Sony devices are a problem, because they are on the market for a short period only. It also is not good for the environment. I really hope Jolla will find a way to implement the OS on a more durable device. For now is my question: what will come after the Sony 10 ii ?

This little thing we have called the EU inner market is pretty neat… it is definitely available elsewhere.
And i don’t follow what you mean “bad for the environment”, SFOS gets updates much longer than tghe Android it ships with.

This question is pretty much a duplicate of this.
Currently it is not known what will come. Jolla probably has a bit of a plan and some ambitions, but if e.g. the Xperia 10 III proves to have some serious hardware or other issues with e.g. the proprietary drivers, we might get something else instead. And regardless, it probably isn’t soon, as in a few months.


In Germany with Amazon: only one 10 ii is available at the moment.
Environment: it is well known that phones are made with precious materials that are not harvested in a justifiable way, some by children.
Recycling is still not common. Plastics are also a problem. Each two years a new phone is not the future. The best phone would be a phone with replaceable parts. Or a phone that can be updated for years, like iphones.

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In Poland it’s still possible to buy Xperia 10 II. For exaple on Polish ebay which called

Shipping to NL costs 6EUR.

If you decide to buy it I can help you because allegro is available only in Polish language.

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Fairphone with Sailfish OS would be neat.

In the Netherlands the 10 II is for sale as well, and they ship to Germany:

Oh, I see you are Dutch :slight_smile: The pricewatch on is the right way to see where it is for sale.

By the way, the yearly change of model has not directly to do with the environment. Only when people buy a new phone, while the old one was still fine, is it an extra burden. Ofcourse, a yearly new model does invite to buy again, but that is the same with laptops I would think.


In germany you will find * a lot * of xperia in ebay-kleinanzeigen.

Absolut no problem, to find the right one in the moment, even from NL.

There’s some available on Marktplaats as well.

Yes, I agree. Fairphone has the right strategy. What a pity that Puzzlephone didn’t make it. My family use an iphone 6s and the friend whom I gave my XA2 uses an iphone 5s. Both ‘old’ phones, still updated. That’s ok. But every two years a new device is not so good. Paying E350 for two years isn’t either.

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Thank you all for your help and suggestions. I will think it over.

I have another question that is connected with this new Sony: will VoLTE be possible on the Xperia10 ii ? Rumours say that T-Mobile demand this soon.

There are plenty of other threads about that, please consider using those.

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On Media Expert and RTV EURO AGD also.

Agree with you, but Media expert and Euro don’t send abroad.

We can invite Sailors to Poland.

“Come to Poland, see beautiful country and buy stockpile of Xperia 10II” :grinning:


Hi, do you know if Sailfish X is available in UK also?

Not officially anymore, because Brexit.

Not officially as @robthebold says, but you can fool the system and still get it, see Has Jolla abandoned Sailors in the UK? - #9 by unruly

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