Sony XA2 Plus v Xperia 10iii Experiences

My i4113 see sms as received one hour later in the future, is so weird :o:

AAS is not a platform in a platform solution. And 6 gigabytes is more than enough for SFOS. The OOM killer problem should be tackled, and it should be more than clear that just adding memory is not the way to do it.

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AAS is not a platform in a platform solution.

You were going to post your interpretation to counter-balance a hollow «no it’s not» argument… Right?

Good if we can put a name on the issue. I don’t use VoLTE (it’s not supported by my operator) and I have zero audio problems with the 10iii. Also roaming is fine.

Though I a missed a few calls recently and I am now unsure if it could be the phone did not ring rather than me missing the calls. I increased the ring volume to the maximum just to make sure.

I am sorry for being misleading here. I meant phone calls have no sound during the call. That happened over a few weeks on VoLTE with Vodafone Germany but has disappeared since.

Ring tones work sadly every workday morning. :slight_smile:

The only sound issue I experience now and then these days is sometimes undetected wired headphones which made me realize that not everybody around me likes John Zorn’s Painkiller albums, Botch or Gibfum as much as I do.

Ah, I know that. I happens with VoLTE on both sides I guess. I am more the visual type and put the handset only to my ear after I saw the other end pick up. The screen tells correctly whether it is ringing, busy or connected on the other side.

I wanted to ask you one thing, does the 10 II is much better in speed then the 10 I?
Or it’s better to wait for a good upgrade to the 10 III?
I’ve the 10 first model, and the only bad thing is that you see it’s a bit on its knees with running everything :frowning:

No, i’m just saying that you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about with that “platform in a platform”. And please, this place is not for arguments, so take it somewhere else, thank you.

Yes, starting from the Xperia 10 II the 10 series is back to Xperia X level (i. e. upper midrange) in terms of performance (and design too). Xperia 10 mk1 had a lower range CPU.

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Well, essentially XA2 and 10 have the same CPU, but weirdly I’ve seen better performances on my 10 then XA2. No Ultra or Plus :wink:
Anyway, from geekbench browser it’s seen that 10 and 10 II have similar scores, very similar actually.
The true lap forward is the 10 III with its 690 snapdragon and 5G support too.

Not quite. Xperia 10 II has a Snapdragon 665 which scores about 170.000 in Antutu, while Xperia 10 has a much slower Snapdragon 630 scoring about 80.000.

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The 10iii has a Snapdragon 690.

I find the 10 iii screen much better but there’s a lot of ‘blacking-out’ in videos. You know when you take a photo of the sun and lower the exposure – the sun stays white and you largely get a dark border with everything else.
It’s like that, but with black. I’m not sure if it’s set to not cope with low levels or the videos are cr*p & the OLED is just portraying them as they are.

I got my GPS working on my XA2 pretty well (with Nekros’ patch). The 10 iii is a lot better but it’s not revolutionary.

Are you turning down ring volume accidentally? There’s a patch for that.

Fingerprint Reliability
Another win for the XA2 Plus. In two months the fingerprint sensor has never failed to work - unlike the X10 iii where I have to restart the fingerprint service two or three times a week.

How do you restart it? I was planning to report this bug.

Mobile Data in Android
Again, a partial win for the XA2 Plus. On the X10 iii when the network switches from wifi to mobile data (i.e. when you leave the house or office) mobile data simply disappears for all Android apps for good.

I do not have this and would suggest it’s a bad installation at your end.
The behaviour is different from the XA2. Now, if I start App Support on the iii without having wifi enabled, it will sometimes not support wifi.

I haven’t really run out of memory on the iii.

Re: camera on the XA2, I did get vastly improved light performance out of it by running Open Camera, going into the buggy settings and selecting Camera 2 API.

Bluetooth seems equally buggy on both phones ie not much.

Everyone having bugs they can’t confirm with other users should reinstall. A couple of bugs I had on the XA2 were problems with my installation – I only found this out when I upgraded.

The sailfish utilities contain restart fingerprint sensor with gui.


Apparently, this is a known issue on the 10 iii, particularly with one batch of screens. If anyone still happens to be under warranty…

Sadly not. This problem is well known and affects multiple people over a range of releases. There are many bug reports about it on this forum. For example:

Again, another well known issue, particularly on the Xperia 10 iii. Run the settings app, scroll down to utilities (you may have to install this from the Jolla Store if its not already there), select, then choose ‘Restart Fingerprint Service’

No, its not a bad installation but another well known bug which has existed across many releases that Jolla is aware of and trying to diagnose/fix. Again, its been reported multiple times by multiple users, for example:

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Please note that the bug I reported has been fixed in 4.5.0.


Fair reply. It seems like those bugs are rare apart from the fingerprint one. I use my 10 iii for music a lot so that line of thinking might be true.

It’s also possible that many people have the same bad installation whether through upgrading from the wrong Android version or through installing some misbehaving package.

No, it’s not a “bad installation”, please stop repeating that.

How to obtain an XA2 plus with 64 storage and 6 RAM? I have an XA2 plus with 32GB and the cardslot is broken. Sofar it is my best device with Sailfish but now it’s going to be the end of it.