[SOLVED] The new Jolla's 4.99eur/month Subscription model is too expensive for my budget

Hi Sailors!
I love Saifish OS, i am a happy Sailfish X user since the program started about ten years ago.
I have been happily paying for the 50euros paid licences for each of my Sailfish X phones.
The paid licence offered eveything that i needed: A great UI/UX interface, a nice privacy environement, and the ability to use AndroidTM apps on top of that.

I even convinced about 5 friends over those years to switch over to Sailfish X and buy their own paid licences.

50 euros per licence was easily within my bugdget. A 50 percent increase would not have been a problem for myself: I could have paid a fixed fee of 100 euros, no worries.

But the new subscription model from Jolla of 4.99eur per month for the full Sailfish X experience sounds to me, according to my income and budget, too expensive overall.
I own now, between other Sailfish devices, an XA2 phone that i use for the last 7 years (great support job Jolla, thank you!).
But that would mean paying more than 400euros for that software, over 7 years… Thats a level of investment for software, that makes me reconsider my commitment to my beloved Jolla.


Just buy once and use, then once you have saved an extra fiver and there have been interesting updates you can resub for a month, it’s actually cheaper this way


Thank you for the reply, i understand your logic, but:
After the one month of subscription expires, so will the android support that i need.

No it won’t, see both links: Jolla Love Day 2 - #185 by tfinn

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I said it before, when Jolla will introduce subscription model I am gone. Today, they just lost a customer. For ‘sure’ they will go mainstream with this, and win future clients from Android/iOS.


In the last two years there have been three major releases 4.4, 4.5 and 4.6 (of course plenty of minor ones in between) it would be 15€ over 2 years instead of 50, if specific bugfix release fixes irrelevant bug to you, just skip it I guess

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It’s not about the money. It’s about the principle.


Okay thanks a lot for the detail.
Yes true that solves my problem :).

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I wonder if it is sustainable: Buy a community phone with 2 years warranty but only 1 year support.

Let’s do the maths: 299€ for the Jolla Community Phone, 6 years at 60€ for support = 659€. Purchase of a Pixel 7a 380€, Calyxos or another working (!) hardened and out-of-the-box Android on top, no support costs and community for the next 7 years…

Yes, Jolla is needed as the one and only european software company. But today many services move to the smartphone from paying to driver license and identity card. Will Jolla phones achieve this? I want to see service for the money!


Community phone costs 299 euros.
Flashed SFOS for Xperias etc costs 4,99 e/month.

So, 4.99 euros/month equivalents relatively to a community phone 299 e/ 4,99 e/month= 59,9 months ~ 5 years usage.

So I prefer to 4,99 e/month for my Xperia 10 V with flashed SFOS, because an avarage lifetime of a smart phone is abt 3 to 4 years due to an effective operation.

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If Sailfish becomes fully free software (at the conference they indicated that upgrading QT was no longer an issue, so either make Silica free or buy licenses, hopefully the first one), I’d be happy to expand my portfolio of donations to free software projects and make the “donation” to Jolla with the €5 (or even more so if Jolla were a cooperative rather than a capitalist company) monthly subscription for the premium features I need. But having a proprietary part, it’s a bit hard for me to have to pay 5€ per month for a subscription.


Why don’t you buy a 10III? It supports 5G and the license is even cheaper than before. I think I’ll stick with it for the time being and wait to see how the situation evolves. Btw in my opinion it would make sense to offer a discount for people subscribing for the whole year. Let’s say 50€/y.


Yes true it is an option! But finding an 10III is not that easy nowadays is it?

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Not easy, but not impossible either :wink: at least where I live


Right, but they said if someone doesn’t pay the subscription, the Android App compatibility they already have keeps working—they just won’t receive new updates.

People must understand maintaining an entire OS needs some full time job, and it costs a lot of money. It is reasonable for them to find sustainable financial models. Why can’t you seeing it as a way to donate to them for their hard work? You can either pay with money or with your data, it’s on you what you choose.


Who can’t spare 1 drink of choice a month in your favorite cafe in town for a true privacy focussed os on your phone and continuity for the developers making this reality?

They need to be able to keep sailing, so you can have my 1 coffee a month!

Keep up the awesome work, Jolla!


That’s an incredible arrogant and intrusive comment. You have no idea how much money yusssufff and others that complain can spare. Maybe they have to save up a long time to go out just once for a coffee with friends and save up even longer for a sfos license.