SFOS 4.6 (Foreca / MeeCast): How to (re-)enable the weather infos in Events View

I use a personal account since the issue with the app respectively the general foreca account started. So, I’m quite happy with it and like the hours-forecast in the event view.
Since the new SFOS version 4.6 the Weather app is hidden from the Events view. How to reenable the Weather infos is in the the Events view??


cheeky answer is ‘wait for @nephros to write a patch’ :slight_smile:


Yes it would be nice to be able to revert this change. Today they talked about how we found out to continue using foreca and now they take it away from us. Even if they’re negotiating and maybe reintroducing it in 5.0… What i like about this update is that gps lock was instant outside. I think we haven’t had that in a long time.


Yeah, my ass (+ 20 characters).

Glad this came up in a separate topic. As the weather app hasn’t been working lately, it’s disabled by default. To get it back in its current functional level, there’s a dconf key “/desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/force_weather_loading”, so one can do as a user in shell:

dconf write /desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/force_weather_loading true

To note that it takes effect when entering the events view again so it was open need to do couple of swipes to get out and back.

The configuration bits in events view settings is now also moved to separate subpackage lipstick-jolla-home-qt5-weather-widget-settings which needs to be explicitly installed.


Thanks a lot @pvuorela your solution works well and the weather (Meecast) is back in the event view if it was previously used with MeeCast Event View!

So there are Step 1:

Open terminal as root (devel-su):

pkcon install lipstick-jolla-home-qt5-weather-widget-settings

Step 2:

In terminal as user:

dconf write /desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/force_weather_loading true


Great solution! Thanks (how did you find this out? :slight_smile: ). The mentioned package is not in the installation compose. I hope that this functionality does not get deprecated and removed. IIRC, they plan to support more weather provides?

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I implemented the thing :smiley:


For me, restarting homescreen wasn’t necessary.
I did pkcon as root first, then dconf as user…

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Ah, neat. I assume on a 10iii?

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Yes on Xperia 10 III and just confirm on 10 plus as well.

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No on an xperia 10 ii

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Tested on mine, MeeCast work for me.

It’s a 10 II dual sim

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Tested on XA2, MeeCast Eventviewer works perfectly again. Thanks!

This should be fixed by
(note the -2), which was released at OpenRepos on 25 May 2024.

If it is not fully fixed (i.e. if it does not work “out of the box”, after installing MeeCast Eventview 1.1-2), please report that, preferably in the extant issue thread at GitHub.


Just downloaded this on my xa2 with 4.6 on it but i dont see anything. Am i missing a step to open it?

Well, MeeCast Eventview alone does not do anything: IIRC you have to install MeeCast, meecast-demon and meecast-event in this order; i.e., I remember people running into issues when installing in a different order. If you want to play safe, remove all MeeCast related packages (find which ones are installed by
pkcon search name meecast | fgrep installed
then you can remove them one-by-one by
pkcon remove <package-name_without_version-number_etc>
), then install the recent packages from OpenRepos in aforementioned order (e.g. by Storeman, pkcon install or pkcon install-local) and reboot.

If still nothing is shown on the Eventsview page, please execute as regular user (i.e. nemo or defaultuser, but not root):

dconf write /desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/force_weather_loading true

After that, reboot again. Does it work now?

I assume doing this as root (as the spec file currently does) does not work. This can be fixed, if it is the reason.


Will that be available in arch64 build? Or am I missing something? 10 III here

Apparently not needed for arch64… or it would have been available.

Did the dconf write and install jolla wetter widget commands. Uninstalled meecast packages (meecast, event viewer, daemon) then reinstalled again from Storeman. Restarted the UI from Settings/Utilities. All working like before, as expected, on 10iii.