Change weather provider to for the default weather app

And it is already paid by me (as a taxpayer).

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Ahahah well my bad then

Are you saying sailfish does not apply to that?

In case you are not aware, @247, this topic was on the agenda in the latest community meeting:

08:16:27 <rainemak> #topic Restore Sailfish Weather  (5mins -- asked by cquence)
08:16:36 <rainemak> #info <cquence> Will the native Foreca Weather app be restored in the next
08:16:36 <rainemak> #info <cquence> release? Also are there any possibilities to use the native app
08:16:36 <rainemak> #info <cquence> with different configurable backends? User will have to provide
08:16:36 <rainemak> #info <cquence> their own key/credentials for paid services.
08:16:45 <rainemak> #info <Jolla> Foreca Weather app is not restored to the next release. Having means
08:16:45 <rainemak> #info <Jolla> to use different backends is something that we’re thinking as well.
08:16:45 <rainemak> #info <Jolla> Community raised as plausible option and it would a good
08:16:45 <rainemak> #info <Jolla> candidate to check how feasible it’d really be.

I’m trying to switch Weather app to OpenWeather Api. I’m just making changes in app’s .qml files. I’ve completed switching ‘searching city’ screen to OpenWeather geo Api and started working on main screen (as far as I understood, data from this screen is going to weather system banner and indicator). IMO, It looks like it’s possible to patch Weather app .qml file to use OpenWeather Api, but I’m not a expert of qml and I don’t understand how some part of qml code is working((( Also don’t have an idea how to share these patches with other users and how they will apply this patches without pain))) I hope I will post about my result soon


No was not aware but thanks for pointing that out

C’mon they raised 10M€ and they don’t have a spare grand to pay foreca?

Just joking of course

Foreca is damn reliable in my area, but i guess also or openweather will suffice, so let’s hope it’s feasible to use one of them

Also, despite being a very frequent topic, i would say updating the weather app can also be done via an hotfix, not necessarily a major update (despite being the most requested thing in 2023 after volte) :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use patchmanager, it’s what it was made for:


I have converted the main weather screen to the OpenWeather Api. As I suspected, the banner and indicator also work. Still need to switch 5 days forecast screen. There are a few of my screens:

I think there is some issues with converting weather code from Foreca to OpenWeather, but for now for me it looks good.


Wow that is awesome, hope you can make a guide for doing that…

Was reading now that openweather gives free apis to opensource projects

Maybe it’s time to opensource the weather apb? xD

I’ve completed the task of transitioning the forecast to the OpenWeather API. Below are some screenshots of my work. Everything is functioning well. Here is the plan for the next phase of work::

  1. Create a page to set the OpenWeather API token for API usage.
  2. Create a patch of my changes and share it using PatchManager.

P.S. I want to express my gratitude to my friend, Sergey Pekhteerau (, who assisted me in creating the small OpenWeather icons. If you need help with design, he is the right person for the job.


I’ve all my nine years as a SFOS user gotten my weather information from having one window in the net browser stay open with

What have I missed / what can I gain from rather using SFOS’s weather app?

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I like to envision this so that you’d not need to do any patches that one needs to apply via patchmanager rather you could contribute them back directly. More on the later – stay tuned. I’d warmly wish you to follow fortnight newsletter and community meeting logs.

That said, this is awesome stuff!! This community rocks!


The benefit of having one such integration is that you can have this in the notification view as well as on the lock screen.


Well, the general forecasts are normally of such a good quality that they don’t change substantially that often and need to be monitored from minute to minute. What really is of interest on a more short-term is’s live radar based graphical local precipitation warning for the next 90 minutes, and I believe no such stuff can be offered on the lock screen or in the notification view, anyhow.

Sure, don’t get me wrong. I also have a .desktop of a bookmark that leads to my favourite numerical forecast from

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You’re Norwegian right? I have to give you that is good, but unfortunately good isn’t enough to keep our ‘precious’ weather app running in notification area or lock screen. :wink:
So if you are happy with an open web site, please stay with it. Me to have a bookmark to my area on, while not open 24/7.


To note here as well, on 4.6.0 loading of the weather widget is disabled by default as out of the box it doesn’t work too good.

Wrote about it there SFOS 4.6 / Foreca: How to enable the Weather infos is in the the Events view - #5 by pvuorela but in short to get it back can set dconf key /desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/force_weather_loading true and install lipstick-jolla-home-qt5-weather-widget-settings package for events view settings switch.


Any updates on this part? Was it supposed to point towards Weather app getting open sourced?

Is it possible to switch to KDE seems to be using that provider for the weather applet and i assume they are not paying anything, so this might be an option for SFOS as well:

Anyway i would prefer having an offical app instead of some other app that needs to be installed.