SailfishOS Francophonie Meetup

Hi everyone!

Following the nice Berlin event, we discussed on the FR SFOS Telegram group the possibility to organise a meetup somewhere in France, and there’s a lot of interest!

I have created a quick poll to gather who would be interested, and in which region (no, it doesn’t have to be Paris :wink:

You can find it here: Sondage - Rencontre SFOS Francophonie - Framadate. - the password is sfos

This will be a French-speaking meetup, but we welcome any participant interested in SFOS - just bear in mind most of the meetup will be held in French though :wink:



My answer is already on the “Framadate”.
I stay tuned :wink:

yep - I’ll post an update here of course, to tell when and where the event will take place :slight_smile:

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How cool! If only France was closer to my home :wink:
J’aimerais bien y aller…

Hi everyone!

So it looks like we’re gonna do the meetup in Paris (surprisingly), as we have:

  • Paris: 12 votes (9 “sure” + 3 “maybe”)
  • West of France: 9 votes (6 “sure” + 3 “maybe”).

Re the date, this will be either on Monday, December 6th, or Tuesday, December 7th - WIP.

However I forgot to ask for an email address so there are some folks who submitted their answer to the form, but are not on the SFOS FR Telegram Channel (which you can join here: Telegram: Contact @sfosfr):

I have the below persons who responded, can you please either join the TG Channel, or DM me via the SFOS forum so that I got your details?

  • Patrice
  • François
  • orangecat
  • border
  • Philippe K
  • s.
  • Benjamin
  • jojo
  • dam



there’s a poll on our SFOS FR Telegram group, to choose between Dec 6th and Dec 7th, for those of you who can attend.

The poll is here: Telegram: Contact @sfosfr

I believe some of the above users are on this forum, like @orangecat or @jojo


Yes it is me :smile: , however I don’t have telegram. But either dates will depend on location and my work schedule (which means most probably quite tough to be in person in Paris).

alright :slight_smile: i’ll DM you directly