SailfishOS contact confinement for AlienDalvik

I would like to only allow certain android apps to have access to a select few contacts to improve privacy and security of those services. Apparently what is needed is an Xposed module called Donkey Guard. But getting Xposed installed and set up on AlienDalvik requires root access… What is a good method of achieving getting Xposed working properly? What other methods of contact-restriction are at my disposal? I’m currently using the Xperia XA2.


Using this with Fake Contacts from F-Droid with the goal of not only limiting what applications see from my contacts, but also to make the data somewhat useless because it was gathered with the fake contacts.

Which device are you using? Xperia X or XA2/10?

I edited it to include the device.

Sounds similar?


I know that Donkeyguard can work… But one of the main problems is setting up Xposed, busybox, etc.

I tried at some earlier point to get Xposed working but failed miserably…

So this other option might be the best way…

So I would run this with a tagged group?
sync_with_dalvic BOOLEAN default TRUE
Or like this?:
WhatsApp-Contacts sync_with_dalvic BOOLEAN default TRUE
WhatsApp-Contacts being the bound tag of two contacts?

Related topic “Contacts groups”: Contacts groups

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There’s a feature called alien_sync

I found a way to kind-of get around the contact-sync

It requires a lot of steps to implement, I’ll write it out when I get a change and post it.

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