Address book only partly shareable to Android

Taking over from TJC:

Please allow us to define/control/select the contacts we share to the Android side.

Either by creating groups (share to Android) or tags or even a second DB which can only be seen by Sailfish.


This is something I’m missing badly as well.

I even tried to install a simple address book for Android to have a parallel world for AD apps. But that was of course a stupid idea as the phone book is somehow hard linked from AD to the SFOS one. :flushed:

valid if you need it for WA:

I am using OpenContacts from f-droid.
It is a simple completely independent address book. It is even independent to the default addeess book inside the Android world.
It is quite nice, lightweight, handy and it enables you to have nanes and numbers in one place.
WA is not capable of adding a new contact/chat if you do not have it in address book. But this tool enables you to search for names and open WA.

As said it does not interfere with default contacts but is independent. So no deal if you want to use it for Android apps.

And it is definitely not a replacement for the requested feature.

Bringing this up once more (4.1.0 released).

Even knowing that this is in full contrast to e.g.

But I would like to not have the Android side giving full access to my phonebook!
For me Sailfish should still (and hopefully stay, see those teeny-weeny-buttonizing) different to Android.

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