Sailfish x86 for x86_64 Tablets v0.2 Released!

Sailfish x86 allows you to run Sailfish OS on your x86_64 tablet PC that works with Ubuntu 20.04.

Please see the release here: and the updated documentation at

For more details about Sailfish x86 please see Sailfish x86 Linux Distribution v0.1 for x86_64 Tablet PCs


Tried on a Dell Latitude E7450 with touchscreen, and works really well! Congratulations!

  • WLAN is ok
  • apps can be installed with Storeman
  • can not log in with existing Jolla account due to no IMEI found, although there is a WWAN card installed, and seems to be detected by ifconfig (no SIM was inserted though)
  • no audio from the speakers (didn’t test with headphones)
  • webcam doesn’t turn on by the camera app

Let me know if I can help somehow!


Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t get Jolla store working yet because it needs registration and appears to be device-oriented. Speakers don’t work because the sound system is configured like android and not desktop Linux…I’ll fix that soon. Webcam…I need to change some modules around to use uvcvideo.

Can you please help test with a SIM card in the WWAN slot if that’s possible?

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