Sailfish OS in Australia?

Hello all.
I will be needing to replace my Android phone soon and am thinking of getting a Sony Xperia 10 III or Sony Xperia 10V running Sailfish OS 4.5 Struven Ketju.

Can anyone tell me if it will run in Australia and work with the mobile companies here: Telstra 5G, Vodaphone 5G, Optus 5G & Aldi running on Telstra 5G network?

I also need it to run the following Android apps: Bank Australia app;
Galaxy Wearable & Samsung Health apps (to communicate with my Samsung Galaxy 4 watch);
Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive and ToDo apps;
and preferably Whatsapp app.

Will these apps run and will they require Android Support installed?


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Hi Michael,

there is no support for the Xperia 10V (yet). I hope soon ™.

Regarding the networks, I can not say, since I do not known which frequencies they use.
Regarding the apps…Any Android app will require Android Support installed in the SFOS. If SFOS has Android support not installed, Android apps can neither be installed nor executed.

Best regards.

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According to this thread: VoLTE provider support it looks like the 10 III works in :australia:

And if the 10 III is supported there is a very strong possibility that the 10 V will also be supported.

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yes 10III works in australia.
I’m using usin Amaysim, which uses Optus. 4G calling works, however warables won’t work with android as there is no bluetooth connectivity for android apps, as for specific apps, for work I use outlook and teams, though I can call on teams. Answering calls on teams and watsapp is dificult as you need to first unlock phone and then answer. It may work for you. Give it a try, there’s not to many of us down under, but we do exist.


Regarding your banking app: it might be that this does not work, since banking apps tend to rely on Google Safety Net. I guess that nobody in this forum has experience with this particular app.

Hi there, I too am in AUS using an Xperia 10 III on Vodafone 4G and it works well mostly.
MMS don’t really work unless I disable mobile data and there is no dial tone using VOLTE otherwise it’s great!

For what it’s worth the app does start on XIII with opengapps, but won’t let me register as it’s only for aussies and don’t have account to login and test it actually working, not sure if safetynet should trigger before login screen

ok, opengapps might also work even when no gapps or microg fail. I am not aware of the technical details, but I guess opengapps would generally considered to be less favourable because google.


Thanks everyone. You’ve been very helpful and it is greatly appreciated. Cheers Michael.


FWIW the Bank Australia website works fine in the default browser, including the online banking side of things.


@davidrasch, I noticed that it depends every much on the banking app whether it works or not. Best way to try is by installing MicroG (from F-droid) in the proper way (you gave also good additional hints to the discussion „MicroG and SafetyNet”).


Can anyone confirm VoLTE working with Sailfish on the Telstra network? I know the table indicates yes but user hennsch has posted that it doesn’t work.

With 3G closing down within months, and living in the country, I have no choice but to get a phone that can support VoLTE on Telstra. I’d like to stick with Sailfish, even though I’ll have to buy a new licence when I upgrade my Xperia X.

Can confirm it works with Amaysim, Optus sub carrier.
don’t have a telstra sim to try.
Go to settings an try turning it on. Initially it didn’t register for me, but I tried a couple of months later and it instantly did.
can call and answer on 4g, only annoyance is no dialtone when calling on 4g, just wait for timer to start or you here them answer

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What you’re talking about when you say Dial Tone is actually Ring Tone.

The tone you hear when you pick up the handset on a POTS phone is Dial Tone, telling you you have a connection to the telephone exchange and that you can now start dialling the number. Mobile phones do not use Dial Tone.

Ring Tone, on the other hand, tells you that the ring signal is being sent to the phone of the person you have dialled. In other words the dialling process has been successfully completed, you are calling a valid number and that phone is now ringing.

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