Request for information about Jolla board of directors, execs and ownership

As my requests posted in the two other ownership-related threads “went unnoticed” (and one of those threads already got locked by Jolla, so no chance to get an answer there), I am creating a separate thread to re-post my request for information:

May I please have an up-to-date list of Jolla members of the board, execs, and current ownership?

Thank you.

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Current board members:

  • Samuli Simojoki, Independent member and chairman of the board
  • Alexander Ayvazov (representative of Rostelecom)
  • Alexander Kolesnikov (representative of Rostelecom),
  • Boris Krasnovsky (Russian private investor)
  • Alessandro Mondini Branzi (Independent board member)
  • Gregor Rudolf Zetsche (Representative of Daimler)
  • Sami Pienimäki (Jolla)


  • CEO Sami Pienimäki
  • VP Sales Petteri Paasila
  • CTO Marko Saukko
  • CFO Harri Kairento

The company’s largest owner, but not the majority owner, is indirectly Rostelecom. Rostelecom is a Russian listed company in which the Russian State owns about 45%. Jolla has for some time been looking a shareholding structure that would provide a balanced ownership structure and significantly reduce Russian ownership. In the current situation, Jolla is looking for a shareholding structure entirely without Russian ownership.


Daimler as in Mercedes Benz Group?

@Jolla Thank you very much!

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They have been known as Daimler since forever, and changed the name only very recenty.

I predict the old name will stick for a long time at least within the industry.

Before they were split in more companies, that got united under Daimler AG, and now they split again. Bad management!

Daimler representative has an interesting bio.

Head of Software at Mercedes-AMG

He is the son of Dieter Zetsche:


You are sort of an industrial leader yourself, I suppose?
That was a lot of insight many simple people like me could not dream of gathering with only public sources.
Thank you

@Jolla, I’m sorry, I have one more question. In headers of lots (most?) of Silica UI QML files in recent OS releases now it is written that they’re:

Copyright (C) 2013 - 2020 Jolla Ltd.
Copyright (C) 2020 Open Mobile Platform LLC.

Can you please shed some light on what it actually means, how it affects Jolla’s copyrights to the OS and/or UI, and what percentage of the OS and/or the UI is owned/copyrighted/controlled/whatever by Open Mobile Platform. Thank you!

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I have to agree with wt.sane.

Obviously your “research” skills lack a lot.
First thing i found in minute 1: Mbition was founded as subsidary of Daimler in 2017.. Gregor Zetsches Social Profile (and other sources) say the was Ceo of that starting 2019. So you start with false information you pulled wherever right from the start… Didn’t found Mbition, Daimler didnt buy.
Also Gregor isnt even at Mbition anymore… The only thing we all can see it that he problably got a job at Daimler without having to go through an interview.

Also Dieter Zetsche wasnt forced to step down (as a german i still remember the news around that) - he simply stepped down after working for Daimler from 1976 till 2019. It even was planned to keep him in another position… You can find tons of news around that.

Please take as speculations everything what I say here, because I do not have any proof:
tldr: Dude - just be quiet if you got no clue.

Jolla still holds the global copyrights and has a full ownership of all Sailfish OS assets. These copyright headers don’t affect that so there will be no changes.


@Jolla, thank you very much for clarifying it.

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Jolla announces resignation of Board Members

Jolla announces the resignation of Alexander Ayvazov and Alexander Kolesnikov, Rostelecom representatives at the Board of Directors, effective immediately.


I guess a new era is coming for Jolla with the Russian period ending
Interesting :slight_smile:

Not yet ending, there’s still one left onboard :slight_smile:

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I did flag this comment as inappropriate, it had no effect. Does that mean that admins find this appropriate?

Of course not, you just need more flagging power. Sorted.
I haven’t seen anyone here holding grudges against ordinary russians.