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Hi, here is logs. Showing that from reboot bluetooth didn’t work. Had to use utils to restart it. And few connected states without sound and one with it working as it should.Logs here:


The soft-blocked status after boot repeated three times.
Then I installed the Utilities from Jolla store.
Restarted the bluetooth subsystem. Headset connects (with sound).
Turned the XA2 off and then booted it again.
Now the soft-blocking issue is gone. I cannot replicate it.
Bluetooth is off and cannot be started from the normal menu.
Restarting the bluetooth subsystem. Starting bluetooth with the menu button does not work.
The bluetooth rfkill ID is now 2.
Restart the bluetooth subsystem again.
Now a much longer delay before the utility reports that the subsystem restarted successfully.
The menu button is lit and the headset is connected (with sound).
The bluetooth ID is now 3.

I’ll see if I can extract the logs tomorrow.

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So, I’ve had regression problems on both Xperia 10 III and XA2, details here:

Is there any possibility to manually restart the Aliendalvik-convert-script?
See problems here: Android app support no longer working after update


I looked for that file in /home/defaultuser/android_storage/ but have not found it (I did check for hidden files of course).
As already mentioned (see link) I cant install apps as well. Jolla store tells me there are 4 app-updates: Android-support, Notes, Sailfish Utils and Weather. None of them installs.
So my version of Android-support is still API-Level 29, Android-version 10.
Every sailfish-app seems to run fine. I think there was some notification of Android-apps, but no Ansdriod-app-GUI anywhere!

  • Show daylight saving time (DST) change indication in the month view [Thank you Damien C]
    The localisation of this is wrong in German.
    It says “Am 02:00, werden die Uhren um 1 Stunde vorgestellt.”
    It should be “Um 02:00 werden die Uhren um eine Stunde vorgestellt.”
    Differences: Um instead of Am, no comma, eine instead of 1

@davidrasch: L10n | Sailfish OS Documentation


I finally made the update to 4.5.0. Thank you Jolla and all contributors for this release!

A special thank you to @dcaliste for all your hard work on the Calendar app. It’s one of my most important apps and the improvements really make a difference.

(I’m not so sure about Android app icons looking like native ones, in fact I would prefer them to have a little Android badge as a warning :wink: , but I think I can live with the current state of things.)


Doing systemctl restart connman the service raises-up but if the tethering was active on the WiFi then after the raise only the WiFi is active. Is there a command line way to switch on the WiFi tethering?

Same here. I never did any fancy tinkering with my phone, so I don’t know what could possibly cause this.