[Release notes] Sauna

You are right, I did use Aurora 4.3.5. Thank you. Updated it with F-Droid and tried to install MagicEarth again on Aurora. This failed : the app is nowhere to be seen. Not on the device, nor in the small list of installed Android apps within Aurora, neither on the list of downloads in Aurora because that list has gone now. Tapping on the install button activates it for a few seconds, then it stops.

I can confirm that AppSupport and WhatsApp are crushing consequently. I often see information that the storage is complete, which is inaccurate. Many times, I see info unmount external storage.

In another application, the mobile network does not work - only with WLAN connections.


As already with [Sauna], further updating to [Sauna] again :

  • overwrites custom SFOS root certificates
  • and custom AppSupport root certificates

which then need to be added manually again.


  • "Open GApps" needs to be re-installed ( → the famous bash )
    as the PlayStore sends AppSupport into a persisting start-loop.
    Before running the bash, lz4-support and lz4-supporting squash-tools need to be installed ( again ).
    Due to the start-loop of AppSupport you can’t remove the PlayStore manually from the app-gird.
    You just need to hope all goes well, while executing the bash. Luckily it does.

Fortunately all Android app settings incl. custom Android Firefox root certificates are not inflicted.

Try “apkd-launcher com.android.settings” instead. :wink:

I suggest using shizuku so aurora store (and maybe other stores?) automatically install apps without pompts or dialogues

Edit: this inspired me to create this topic if anyone’s interested Guide - Installing Shizuku


Well amidst all the doom and gloom installation issues reported, I can happily say all is working well post .12 installation on my 10 III.

Albeit I’m not using android support, just stock SFOS.

Updated from with sfos_upgrade on Xperia 10 II (my daily driver) with no problem (as I was unable to dismiss upgrade to already downloaded At first it looks nothing broke by this update. Those android apps that did not work before upgrade still do not work…
No app was removed by upgrade this way. With gui there were 30+ packages to uninstall - this was the reason to hesitate proceeding with upgrade through GUI.

Looks Aurora store is unable to update android apps.

This was discussed earlier in this thread:


Another working solution is simply tapping blindly where the invisible “install” button in the invisile window is. Invisibilty is the challenge. In fact, the usuale button is there


I saw you mentioning “… a Sailjail timing issue means they won’t start from the app grid”, has this been established as the reason for native SF apps sporadically not starting from the app grid (resp. starting with an extreme lag, minutes after the circulating app placeholder vanished), while Android apps do so without problems at the same time? At least since this year, I have regular issues with not being able to open e.g. the Messages or SailOTP app (especially annoying, since I have to use my XA2 as the 2FA authenticator for a long list of services), but never found resp. saw a corresponding “global” thread for this on FSO (only for specific apps not starting sometimes, not “native apps not starting in general in the wrong moment”), also given that FSO’s search feature isn’t very good at spitting out the best-suiting results, unfortunately.

There is this fix which does sound like it tackles what you are describing…

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I have the feèling tht the back button is not working as intended, but signal keeps running

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In Settings / Applications Android apps don’t show their settings page if AppSupport isn’t running, only a message “Problem with obtaining app status” is shown. Was it like that in pre-4.6 OS versions? IIRC it was working regardless of whether AppSupport was running or not…

On 4.5 the settings page is shown, the link to android settings starts app support if not yet running

So it is either a bug or a reduction of functionality.

Thanks for pointing that out, so hopefully I’ll be able to notice a change with “Sauna” soon.

Thank you. It helped :-).

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Yes this is the Sauna release that makes me sweat. I can setup a call from the car but no audio. I need to press the speaker button on the phone to listen to audio but no audio thorugh bluetooth. One more thing, A2DP only works after launching a call.