[release notes] Pallas-Yllästunturi 3.4.0

Please stick to your design principles and revert the changes to Incoming call and mail handling . If OMP wants an Android-like UX in Aurora, they probably should switch to Android. If we don’t stop this now, we’ll most likely see more and more ‘changes’ of this kind until the whole UI concept of SFOS is broken.


same here.

Created three entries on the mobile.
Changed all three entries to ‘all day’.

Events disappeared on mobile but they show changed correctly in Google.

I managed to solve my problem with Reboot. It was caused by aliendalvik-control, which was not properly updated. I had to delete it “devel-su pkcon remove aliendalvik-control” and reinstall. Now everything works fine.

Update: reinstall did not solve my problems. Aliendalvik-control is causing problems after update to 3.4. I had to deinstall it again.

Had the same issue. Could log on via ssh (phone was still connecting to Wifi). Was very slow, but I could issue “pkcon update”. It updated lots of packages then after a reboot all was good.

I made a report about ‘all day’ events, but there are several other bugs as well in the Google calendar syncing.

Agreed! Why after 7 years of using Sailfish devices should I suddenly be expected to swipe horizontally instead of vertically? Who’s the moron who thought this was a good idea and an improvement? Name them and shame them!

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Ah, thx, that’s cool. Most patches I have used do not (yet) work under 3.4, which is understandable. The update changed many things. To newer, to better imho.

Someone please enlighten me; what is so bad with the new answer dialog?
It is still swipe-based, fairly clean, and if anything it is slightly clearer how it works.
The purely cosmetic side of things smells a bit of “released too early”…
IMO, the UI elements and hints are too small, SFOS should dare to be bold.
If these changes were indeed forced upon Jolla, that’s worrying of course.


The more I use I feel this update was rushed, things that were not broken got changed (answering a call), removed previously included libraries (database for 3rd party programs) without a warning causing breakage. Countless of settings wiped when every single prior update they were preserved. (wifi, whatsapp account, discord account…).
edit: also android programs keep getting “semiclosed” i.e., being transparent on homescreen, without any other load on the phone.

This can’t be released to GA.


Nothing, is okay to my mind and I like it. It’s faster too cause swipe way is shorter.

The button thing in email is something that makes me worry - that’s no longer sailfish style, it’s early android style…


@attah @Cryx I agree: a gesture for accepting calls that is perpendicular to the gesture for rejecting calls makes sense to me

I also agree to the button thing in the email client

Regarding buttons: I always bothered me (and still does) that the browser uses a “back” button instead of a simple back swipe (i.e. a swipe to the right)


Sadly it is no longer flawless - well, it’s as flawless as the patches it manages.

Problem with Android app after upgrade on a Xperia XA2, apps not start, or start with strange refresh and crash. Seems not possile anymore start/stop andoid support from Setting.


Somehow all these issues self-healed overnight. tracker seemed to have run quite long causing high load for a while. Maybe everything got back to normal after tracker had finished?

@teertinker Uninstall aliendalvik-control is not enough. Try devel-su + rpm -e --noscripts aliendalvik-control

I am very happy to report that this issue has finally been fixed: https://together.jolla.com/question/201324

Scrolling performance in the launcher on the Jolla Tablet is smooth now, at last. The only problem is that now scrolling performance in other places seems to have taken a hit, e.g. in Quickddit the scrolling is quite choppy.

I have had this same thing happen to me now and then as of lately on previous version of Sailfish OS, but rebooting the device has fixed it for me. Xperia XA2 dualsim.

I wonder if the phone might think that there are headphones jacked in, or something?


  • Add support for f5121

Is Android 8.1 support coming for Xperia X?


While I dislike the overlay buttons in the mail app and think those options should be in the pully, I’d say the call dialog is a positive change. Previously, when I pulled my phone out of my pocket, had it lying next to me in my car or on the table, I sometimes had it upside down and dismissed the call instead of answering. Since most phones are higher than they are wide, it is much easier to distinguish a side swipe from an up or down swipe. So in my case that design works a lot better. I only kind of miss the dismiss pully to quickly pull up different rejection answers.


Just to let you know that I was able to flash from Windows (flashing on Linux wouldn’t start, don’t know why) and install from the UI afterwards. Things seem okay now, thanks!