[release notes] Kvarken 4.1.0

I have problems with higher power drain on an Xperia X, too, and have reported that here:

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Another bug: call history never loads. Together with the lack of notifications for missed calls (which is an issue ever since new notification design was introduced) it’s impossible to find out if somebody have called.

It’ the same with XA2 Plus Dualsim (connected with one sim).

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Now that the localization round for SFOS 4.2.0 has started, do you know whether the release notes for the next version are already available, even in WIP form ?

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the release notes are only published once the EA releases are there.


Perhaps a bit late, but I wanted to get a new license with a discount too on my existing account, but I don’t see the discount when logging in in the store. Is the period over?

It’s over, again afaik. I paid the full price about a week ago.

Yes, indeed it is. I contacted support and they said it was only till mid-June.

Thought the maintainer retired that, but I’ll check again. thanks

Does somebody else has problems with Signal and photos ? They aren’t found by Signal.

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Happens to me as well. Signal doesn’t have access to pictures on Sailfish neither I can share any media from WhatsApp to Signal and vice versa.

I thought it is a feature that Android apps can’t access photos and other content from the Sailfish side? They all seem to have access to the common Pictures etc. folders under the Android side, like they are confined to operate only inside the android_storage folder and the sandboxed “Android operating system”.

Files are found, but not shown (black rectangular). Works with Whatsapp.

And has worked previously.

I wanted to set DuckDuckGo as the default search engine in the Browser, but found no obvious way. The one way that did work is this: Add more search engines to the web browser [closed] - together.jolla.com. It’s very easy, but it requires the terminal and devel-su.

In the browser - press the menu button in the bottom right corner - press Settings - search with (rough translation), and DuckDuckGo is like number 6 on the list.


That’s what I did, but DuckDuckGo wasn’t there. I had to copy the XML file in the required folder before it showed up as an option.

However, before I did anything, there was a new option: “SFOS Forum Search”, which said “Tap to install”. But apart from that, only the old search engines were there (Google, Bing, Yandex etc).

At least for me, the option appeared in the list only after I visited duckduckgo.com the first time, so I suppose that’s how the system works (although at least I haven’t encountered this documented anywhere).


This was it, indeed. I removed the manually copied XML file, DuckDuckGo disappeared, and after that I visited their home page. This made it appear in the Settings with “Tap to install”.

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Please take this (bug) into account.

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Wow. That’s simultaneously a cool feature (when not private browsing) and annoying bug (when you don’t want history . . . uh, historified)!