[release notes] Koli 4.0.1

It is stuck in “waiting for connection” for me. Are servers full?

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Will there be an emulator for Koli before the “main” release? I’d like to check if/how my apps are affected by the UI changes but I need my phone, so I can’t update just yet.

the download was complete, it’s probably rather conflicts that left the device in a broken state.

It showed me to remove an application, but it is not removing the mentioned application. And now it is in the “Waiting for connection” state. Do you know how to get out of that state?

A repo had an issue:

Unexpected exception.
/etc/zypp/repos.d/ssu_openrepos-osetr_release.repo: Section [openrepos-osetr]: Line 8 contains garbage (no '=' or ':/?|,\' in key)   

I moved this repo and refreshed with zypper. But still in “waiting” state.

If you tap and hold your Bose item at Settings > Bluetooth while the headset is connected and take “Show device settings” what do you get?

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I had a similar problem: Update to fails (Attempts: 1. partly downloaded[?], 2. "waiting for connection")

I managed to solve issue by removing Theme pack support:

pkcon remove harbour-themepacksupport
systemctl start aliendalvik

This suggests that there is an internet connection problem between your phone and Jolla Store. It may be local at your place or further away. Sailfish OS is able to continue an incomplete download even after a reboot of the phone (the progress display starts from the left, though, so it looks as if it started from the beginning but it only downloads the missing packages). The same happened to me while testing installation yesterday (an issue with home WLAN). The 2nd attempt completed the download. The installation went fine.
Try to install a simple app from Jolla Store first to verify that the whole chain works.

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Is there any way to change the colour of notification popups? Black text on white background neither fits with my ambiance, nor does it look good to me.

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Yep, that fixes it, although whatsapp started only after phone restart, additionally it seems to have lost all the previous settings, i.e., treats it as a new install and doesn’t send the phone number verify sms. But I think that is another problem.

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I had some issue to upgrade. But I like what I see. It feels more responsive to touch as well. Great improvement in the settings application with the division in tabs.

Hi @jprostko can you install bash to replace ash shell?


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Boring. I uninstalled everything that could be offensive to update process and had no issues. Just took some time to find my contacts. Even new browser seems very much usable now.

Jolla, you made my day uneventful and I really respect it! I like my life boring.


I have the same issue, but I think starting the People app and giving it permissions made it start…once. Still trying to figure it out.

Who knows what was the point to update Android 8.1 to 9.0?
Not that much of a difference, seems like a waste of time…

Actually a lot changes underneath: https://developer.android.com/about/versions/pie/android-9.0

The newer the support the more Apps which will run and run better.


I like the new notification page, but before if I had a voicemail, I could tap on the notification and it would dial voicemail. Now, if I tap on the notification it doesn’t do anything - is this intentional?

Otherwise, I had no major issues with the upgrade and love the UX changes so far. I did have to copy the web browser bookmarks and database files as mentioned in the replies here but aside from that things have worked very well!

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Jolla not only removed bash, ps is now also the busybox ps, which is an extremly basic version and breaks a lot of ps related stuff. And why, just to gain some kilobytes of storage?


First I thought - nothing new. But, I like all the small ui chances!
The new browser is much better. Any idea why loading a web page takes so much time? But then, it is really smooth!
FireJail is also quite cool!