[release notes] Koli 4.0.1

@remote My Jolla C works fine. In what way handicapped?


Upgrading from to -> Problem with store, could not determine size of the update.

Maybe there’s a rush on the server, I will try again later.


same issue here - will try again later

Sorry and thanks for reporting. There was a reason other than rush. Fixed now. Please try again.


Upgrade from to a few minutes ago without any problems (Xperia Xa2 / single).
Everything seems to be working fine!
Thank you very much for all the fantastic work!

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Upgrading from to My X says to uninstall libcontentaction-qt5 and nemo-qml-plugin-contentaction.
Doesn’t look right to me??

@eson You may have had mister magisters repository enabled and updated to his version… he has removed the rpms today.

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you are right, there was an notification within storeman to update this packages.
Question is now, how to remove the packages without breaking the system to start the update to
Or is it safe to ignore the message from the updater “Uninstall the follwing before proceeding with the sailfish OS update”

Upgrading from to seems to have worked quite well.

(tagging @Mister_Magister for this)

Thanks for the new EA, update went smooth and no issues for my Gemini.

I don’t have libcontentaction-qt5-url-distinction installed so I don’t hink that’s it. I do have mister magisters repository enabled though. Forgot to remove it since I tested his Yottagram.

Hmm first of all it shouldn’t break anything as package wasn’t updated by jolla.
Second of all you shouldn’t remove those packages.
Third, update might be able to downgrade/upgrade it to jolla ones
Fourth, downgrade/upgrade it to jolla ones via zypper

How dare you! :smiley:

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@eson You didn’t need to, that was the problem – it could’ve been automatically updated with some other package using storeman.

I agree with @Mister_Magister, do not try to remove the package. If you want to play safe, “downgrade” to the official version.

OK, thanks… both of you.

I downgraded to libcontentaction-qt5-0.3.16-1.2.12.jolla.armv7hl and nemo-qml-plugin-contentaction-0.3.16-1.2.12.jolla.armv7hl. For obexd-contentfilter-off-1.1.7-stable.noarch I don’t see any alternative package. So cannot downgrade that. Also I get the warning that it would break my system to remove obexd-contentfilter-off.

Still I get the warning I should remove these three packages.

OS upgrade went fine after downgrade those packages. Thanks again!

Not sure man :confused: i don’t use official ports

could you give me a hint, which command do the trick?
with Pkcon or zypper?