IS IT safe to install

Hi. Is IT safe to install Asks before update to remove libcontentaction-qt5 and nemo-qml-plugin-contentaction. However when I try to do that pkcon remove libcontentaction-qt5 nemo-qml-plugin-contentaction I get warning that IT will dreak the system and the proces IS cancelled.

checkvthe latest messages of 4.0.1 release notes

howver, id upgrade ignoring the message.

i jad to force reboot 3 times and now i am on 48

See the messages following this for some info about these packages: [release notes] Koli 4.0.1

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OK thanks for advice. I updated the phone. Everything seems ok.

After downgrading to libcontentaction-qt5-0.3.16-1.2.12.jolla.armv7hl and nemo-qml-plugin-contentaction-0.3.16-1.2.12.jolla.armv7hl, I still got the warning, ignored the warning and installed the update.
It went without any further issues.

I hve Xperia X as a second device. A week ago I installed and it worked fine. Today I installed After the installation the device seemed OK, but browser did not start properly. It was just waiting. Settings did not start, just waiting for the app to start. WiFi could not connect, a message told to restart the device. After shutting down the red led was on for minutes. After that the device cannot be started any more. The battery was 100% full when shutting down.
So looks like it is not safe to install

EDIT: system is OK now

A couple of hours later, after two “Power & Vol+” restarts the system found WiFi and is working now. During the first restart the settings and browser did not start.