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There have been two new repositories under

That’s very good news for open source parts of Sailfish OS. As far as I know, these two repositories were previously non public and only accessible to Jolla employees. The commit history show that in both cases, the packages have been relicensed from proprietary softwares to a BSD license. Now, everyone can submit PRs, propose changes… and interact with Jolla to bring new functionalities, correct bugs, provide documentation…

So when will be the first non Jolla commit there ?


Two new repositories are part of the Open Source side of Sailfish OS now:

The last one corresponds to a change in license from proprietary to BSD. It comes with the full commit history, with an initial commit from Joona Petrell back in 2016, stating “Create a simple file manager. Contributes to JB#5771”.


I sincerly hope that this is a sign of a political change to open it and not the precursor of an open sourcing due to bankruptcy


I’m fearing about this also. But opening sources means additional work (change the licenses, check the dependencies, do the repository uploads…) while giving no immediate financial gain. I would have supposed that in case of debts and bakruptcy, you try to sell your belongings to reimburse creditors. So I’m a bit hopeful, that it means a new owner with a policy that is more Open Source friendly. Future will tell. With a bit of luck, we’re not replaying the Symbian twilight when it was open sourced before its termination.

In the meantime, another repository appears: sailfish-svg2png which is used to generate images at different resolutions from SVG files.

Which provides another possibility: transferring maintainance burden to the community to various proprietary pieces so the remaining is smaller and means a lower cost. Not sure this is actually the case since Jolla stays the upstream, which means that they will have to handle community PRs…


Let’s hope it’s for the best!
To me, keeping basic app and lib on a proprietary license doesn’t hold a lot of value for the company.
Open sourcing it help Jolla in maintaining software and maybe be more appealing to opens source developer.


Today, two new repositories were changed from a proprietary license to a BSD one:

  • sailfish-minui, a simple UI loop to allow user interaction in a graphical way without having a full user session started. This can be used to ask passphrases early in boot for instance.
  • sailfish-components-accounts, another set of QML components, this time to create and manage accounts (like iCal subscription, IMAP email server…). Its history goes back to december 2012 with an initial commit from Chris Adams.

This suggests, in combination with Sailfish secrets that one could start aiming to create additional ‘system’ accounts? Or was i just missing something that’s been there all along :slight_smile:

And a new one has appeared: sailfish-account-nextcloud


Oh okay that one’s cool as it could serve as a base to create full-fleged integrations to other services.

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Well so far the parts from the Settings app have been missing so while it’s possible to reverse engineer this definitely makes it easier.

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It goes on:


I suppose having the component sources open might make things easier. But at least theoretically creating accounts was possible already before. We have some documentation available at Accounts and SSO | Sailfish OS Documentation, it probably makes sense to have a look at that before deep diving into the sources.


Going by the internal issue numbers assigned to the freeing of the source, I think a few more relicensing commits are on the way. So far we have numbers ending in:

06-11, 14-15, 21

So I think it’s safe to assume at least the numbers in between are also regarding relicensing to BSD.

Let’s hope this is a new beginning for Sailfish OS. Either way, I wish everyone at Jolla the very best.


Thanks! I was looking at integration of mastodon accounts, via Tooter. I think the authentication flow needs to be cleaned up first, though.


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There are new open-sourced projects \o/


And GitHub - sailfishos/sailfish-components-weather now. So if someone wants to implement a new backend besides Foreca. That’s now possible. Yeh \o/

The full app becomed open source also: GitHub - sailfishos/sailfish-weather


I’m kinda chuffed to get the DWD as a backend going. My app is still very WIP :slight_smile:


Just before I forget it again, i also keep forgetting about MDM in SFOS … Apple has a virtual monopoly in education (highschool tablets) in Germany, for instance. All because of the effective MDM. I wonder if this is something a madman like me should do. Try to compete with apple in the education market ! (perhaps that last coffee was one too many).


If you’re looking for mad people with to much coffee, this forum is the right place.