Reboot the phone - border crossing

REPRODUCIBILITY: Every time I cross the border.


When crossing the border to another country (Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sailfihs OS asked me to reset the device because the SIM card might not work. Picture attached

I have tried turning on VoLTE option, turning off VoLTE option. It didn’t help.

I turned off the option to automatically select a network.




  1. Every time I cross the border.


That I don’t have to reset the device.






I’ve experienced that on X10 too. Lost all GSM connectivity. Annoying. But not on every roaming. Last week it worked in Croatia flawlessly but few months ago it didn’t in Hungary and Slovakia.

Can you please collect oFono Logs. For further information, see this page: Collect oFono Logs | Sailfish OS Documentation

This I didn’t see on my Redmi 5 Plus with when I travelled from Czechia to Poland. I found that I can’t make call but I read SMS from my operator that I should restart phone or switch airplane mode on and off. And the switching airplane mode helped. This was probably not SFOS related because same problem was on smartphone with Android.

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Weird, but it doesn’t look like a big issue if you are not living in the border or passing though many times a day.
To be honest when I saw “resetting” the phone I was scared for my summer vacation, but just a simple reboot is something that I can live with :slight_smile:

maybe try a `systemctl restart ofono’ as devel-su on CLI? If this works, you don’t have to reboot the phone every border crossing.

I have been getting this message for years on SFOS over multiple releases when I travel. Usually, but not always, I have found I can ignore it and the mobile connection (voice & data) still works fine.

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Another workaround maybe Flight mode on before and Flight mode off after crossing the border.

Changing sim card slots was enough for me to get this warning, but after first restart I started ignoring it, worked fine, but no guarantees that some provider with some specific settings won’t suddenly fail, so ymmv
EDIT: to clarify, I don’t think this is a bug, just a warning from jolla they detected a situation that in some cases could result in unexpected behaviour, if you want to ignore it just tap outside and do that, just be aware that they suggest a restart so if you’re waitng for an important sms/call probably best to do that

A phone software should be able to handle all situations like switching from SIM 1 to 2 and back, crossing borders (=switching home/roaming) flawless without warning or suggestions what the user should do now, but only information/status report. So this IS a bug respectively the warning points at a bug. This should not happen!


In ideal world yes, but:

If google does it it’s currently de facto standard as poor experience as it is (I mean imagine jolla getting operators to send a sms with such message)
Edit: which sadly confirms we’re already in a dystopia where a huge corp with thousands of engineers can’t fix a problem, so turn it off and on again is acceptable solution, and people thought IE tweaks were the problem, now you can’t use your email provider because browser isn’t chromium of recent enough version

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OK, so it seems that the handover from home net to roaming doesn’t work for network + firmware reasons and this is out of Jolla / SFOS’s range. Good to read that same things also happen on A*.
edit: with an experimental system one has always the feeling to be the only one with bugs, but this is not true. On A* phones there are also a lot of things not working as they should.

You can probably do the hard delete of ofono settings and it might work (it was point 3. of some support article of troubleshooting network connectivity issues), but it’s safer and more non-cli user friendly to do what android users do and not try to fix what googol with its thousands of engineers couldn’t fix

Unfortunately, I have encountered this message or something similar (SIM card inserted or SIM card removed) a few times.

No, the workaround does not work.
I had the same problem two weeks ago. Boarding a plane in Germany and landing in Spain. As soon as the phone left the “Flight Mode”, I got the “restart” message.

In fact this issue has been present for a loooooooooong time -at least three years-. I had this issue in my XA2 and now my 10III when crossing every border (by car) in the route D-A-CH-FR-ES (and the other way around).

It is not the end of the world, but it is pretty annoying having to restart the phone so often.

I remember having these issues with my old Xperia X. Then everything was fine with the XA2.

Now with my 10 III roaming did not work out in Austria but worked in Switzerland and Poland. I didn’t do much traveling the last year.

But the reboot issue seems to be very similar to the problems of summer 2019.

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I also had this issue on XA2 travelling between A and H in summer 2019, but it disappeared with the next SFOS update. I don’t remember the version exactly, maybe it was 3.4 to 4.0?

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I am sorry, I do not remember the OS-Version but I had to reboot in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Austria and Germany.

I can’t find the source, but disabling the SIM PIN may help with mysterious cellular issues. (I guess it works by changing the timing/ordering of things in the cellular modem? No actual clue though…)

I didn’t have mobile data when I was in Sweden, the next time I’ll try that (it’s the only thing I didn’t try yet).

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oFono Log when I cross the border into Bosnia and Hercegovina: