Reboot the phone - border crossing

And the freqent reboot is here again with my 10 III, at the danish, swedish and finish border.
Also there are some reboots necessary when switching from WiFi to mobile networks in the very, very rural area in Finland where I stay at the moment.

Thanks for the report, internal bug report created.


no, it’s not, please don’t use Google as an excuse. The fact that Google is doing something in specific way doesn’t mean we should all follow it. If you’re ok with that, please use Android.

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I got this error several times these last time and found out that the Internet connection still works. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to enable data from Top Menu as it check if there is a SIM.

As a workaround, I disable this check and can now enable data from Top Menu even the phone think there is no SIM card.

The file to modify is /usr/share/jolla-settings/pages/mobile/EnableSwitch.qml


    available: simToggleAvailable
               && AccessPolicy.mobileNetworkSettingsEnabled
               && !mobileData.offlineMode


    available: AccessPolicy.mobileNetworkSettingsEnabled
               && !mobileData.offlineMode

I realize it’s unfortunately not enough and I still need to restart my phone once the notification appears :frowning:

I catched some logs if needed.

I had that with the X years ago, it disappeared somewhere round the XA2 and came back with the 10 III. Tested all around Europe.

I also had this but it’s long ago. It was in 2019 on XA2, and it came after update either from 3.3 to 3.4 or from 3.4 to 4.0. Unfortunately i don’t remember exactly.