Re-organisation of Jolla company - Off-topic discussion

AFAICS it works that way, too.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Hey Robang74, what is wrong with you?
You becomes more and more unserious and stupid. Please communicate with peoples you dont like via private channels.
Your behaviour is not compatible with the values of our community.

Sorry, from my point of view you are an intollerant …hole.

If you are not able to argue in a way without insults and threats then take your ass away from our community! !!


Community asked for stronger moderation, now it is time to give them what they asked for.

Stupid desires, stupid outcomes. After all, anarchy is not the absence of rules but giving themselves reasonable rules before others kick in enforcing their own rules.

Written in a different manner: sometimes, it is better a possibly-wrong decision than no any decision at all.


Is… is this a death threat?

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Are you suggesting me that what they did, is so seriously bad? OMG!

I am responsabile just to report the ice peak when I found it - not about what there is underwater below it - but I can understand that sometimes - because IT systems are not 100% secure like not 100% humans are reliable - data leaks and in the recent past happens sometimes. In that case, just god knows the consequences.

Another thread full of hidden replies by one or two liefeforms… :roll_eyes:


Ok, what would be the recommendation after a public threat like this? Would reporting this to moderators be enough (which i already did) or should i go to the proper authorities (which i am a 100% ready to do any day).

Ok, on this side also. I have been reported that they received twice, as they expected for compensation. Feedback: absolute genius. But I do not know who they were refers to.

Tomorrow is another day and the wheel will turn again. Now, I have to go.

Baci dall’Italia. :kissing_heart:

By using “complain” (probably “comply” was meant) and “others people” this could be amusing, if the overall message and wording would not be far beyond any decent manners: Threatening people personally and commanding them.

@Jolla, your policy of non-intervention is obviously an epic fail, as it has become obvious for long: Please act now!


i have this one on my desk … does help

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I haven’t been following the meltdown of our resident trolls for a while - this comes as a genuine surprise to me. It’s definitely gotten worse.

Please, mods/admins, ban this person already! (not sure what the other one is up to right now)


I fully support @robang74

Why are our posts still flagged and hidden without explanation.
Why are some not punished for insulting others and stamping them as trolls , while they are trolling all around the place.
So yeah, the rules apply selectively for what pseudo woke moderators decide to be good or bad.
Either apply the rules to all, or leave it!


@ohnonot my vote against yours. No one should be banned. Just behave with respect to others and you may get respect yourself.

Your behavior does not improve the quality of the conversation. It just provokes “trolling”.
You are also threatening which is extreme - should I call for the admins to ban you?
A lot of you have no basic respect for others opinions. It must be contagious.
The behavior and attitude here is ridiculous.