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The greatest minds of all times were always convinced of what they were doing but always in doubt of how they were doing it. I´m sorry but the way you reacted on my few words is exactly the way I expected it and intentionally provoked it - with a ton of words. I guess you also love listening to yourself speaking.
Don´t be mad at me but that´s my impression. Discussion end because there´s no use. Cheers to all.

And please don´t use words like “bullshit” for things others write. I don´t do so either.


have already found the answers avout some topics. Those can understand them, do not need to put them in duscussion their achievents and look forward.

Everything else are bullsh*t or confusion and there is a very little to add about this apart than small minds always work to confuse people in order to levarage on them the old-well-know tricks that would not work anymore otherwise.

As Netwon said: I saw so far because I hike to the shoulders of giants. Those chose the least-resistant path, found themsleves stuck into dark swamps. Nothing new, again.

Moreover, the greatest minds of all the times rarely get apprecciated while they were alive but by the posterity.

As Eistein said: even in science great changes do not happen because better ideas convinced the oppositors but because the oppositors died and the new generarion get used to new better idea.

This should be written YIN and YANG.
By the way, this symbol has its own name.

It depends on which dimension (or PoV) because being lean - in practice - involves all the levels of the production from the janitor to the CEO while being agile is about the business or project driving model. Lean is about the company culture while agile is about the driving attitude.

Please, notice that I never even cited “to lead” or “leadership”.

I strongly disagree. In theory, it can be true. In reality, rarely happens in a company. Is the hybrid model wrong? Is SCRUM opposite to project management? Is pure SCRUM approach better performing than any hybrid model?

Wrong questions. Theory and practice always differ expecially because a business need a plan otherwise nobody will put money on it - “a man a company” case might be an exeption but it is a corner case. Hence have a business plan requires to have some kind of project management.

The “magic” is making different theories and approches works togheter in a smooth way. If this would be false, everyone that read a book (or a set of books) and follow it would be able to succeed. Which is appailing false.

One of my teacher, opened its course admitting that he started up seven business and all of them default. I am not aware if he found a way to become rich defaulting or it was a theorist but not a good business man.

My educated guess is that was conveying two fundamental messages: 1. a well managed default is not the end of the world and 2. theory is not the key of success by itself alone.

An open source project never die because its code remain available. The business related to it, instead can reach a point for which it becomes irrelevant. It hit the ground, and did not rebouced.

And again you are mixing pears and apples :slight_smile: .
If you think project management;
you need a project manager which implies warterfall, unless the project “management” is “acting” as a Product owner, in which case we might fall back to somehow resemble agile, but its just a facade, as the team will have very clear specs of what to do, and when to do it, and how to do it (frameworks like S.A.F.E. are exploiting this facade very well).

Agile is not project management; at most its “work execution” (and already that is quite borderline), cause an agile workteam does not have a single delivery, or a date of start / end of work as project has, but rather a constant flow of value generation / deliverables…and this via a set of decisions taken from within the team, not given from outside. It’s a very different approach. Scrum is a framework to work in an agile way, but it has really nothing to do with project management. In fact, you have the sprints for constant delivery of value, you have the team implementing the user stories (defined by the PO and refined by the team), based on the needs the team sees fit, in the timings the team thinks it is right.

So its like not project management :slight_smile:

This is the difference between “doing” agile, and “saying” to be agile. It’s not agile to “cut corners” by specifying clearly how to do things;
it’s not agile to have very written down (and handed over from the outside) “specifications”; it’s not agile to “tell people in the team what to do so they can do it”.
These are all “constraints” in the world of agile. In agile, the team is the main reference point and sole responsible for the generation of value, based on the wishes of the Product Owner (the real one),
the best way they see fit, with the means they think will allow them to succeed the best in the shortest time possible (usually a sprint span)

Ive been in teams who have done it wrong, and I have had the luck to be in few teams (two) who almost did it right. I can tell you, the outcome differs substantially between the two experiences.

That’s why I always laugh when people talk about “agile as project management”; it does not sit nor in heaven or on earth, as it’s like night and day :slight_smile:

But, dont take it as given from my words - im just a software developer :slight_smile:

Your answer is here:

in the original thread you wrote before moderation moved your post.

My professional evaluation of SFOS apps framework is intelligible by those who know which are the automotive embedded system requisites and know the difference with the smartphone apps market.

About lock-in, it can be not so easy to get it at first sight. It is also required competency about project management, system architecture, system integration, SW BOL, etc. However, it is not essential for this forum because the first part is just enough.

…and my reply has been arbitrary moved in another thread by the moderation. The right time to have a little talk about this new trend of slitting post among different thread created ad-hoc.

Look at this post

It seems that I did not replied because the reply remained in this thread

Because flagging war was - finally accepted as counterproductive [1] - splitting threads and mix-up contents became the new way to try to set a point. The flagging approach has abandoned in such a way that also the personal attack are not anymore flagged:

At the moment - here - I have read from kids playing with a forum tricks.

If a professional software architect - and for this topic it is needed a system architect - is interested in my professional opinion, s/he can easily find my phone number on my LI profile and call for a daily rate.

I admit I’m a big Monty Python fan, esp. The Flying Circus.

Some sketches have grown on me because they encapsulate certain real-life situations so well.
In this case, I am reminded of The Architect Sketch.

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I think that in this case the adjective flying can be skip out… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

would be enough to find out if you are human :smiley:

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Ask them :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Some of the people that I met in the last SFSCON, I know personally since 20 years ago or more.

I am pretty sure that they will confirm you that I am pretty crazy real in blood and flesh! :wink:

Possibly, some of them will also add that they would be more comfortable if I were an AI… :rofl:

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Nope, just the firmware in the Sony Open Device program which is part of their AOSP images set.

However, is a common mistake considering the firmware that comes with an AOSP part of it. Because it is proprietary closed-source software that delivered in binary for from the vendors mostly runs on hardware sub-systems which has nothing to do with the Linux kernel even if some of that binaries are delivered to be loaded by the kernel - but it passes to the hardware sub-system and does not run it.

If you have had read my slides, you would have learned that firmware should not considered part of the AOSP but part of the underlining OS for the specific hardware support and it delivering a supervising OS (kernel + firmware + basic root filesystem) would made the AOSP development less expensive and the hardware support more easier and more profitable for the hardware vendors and integrators.

It is possible that SFOS uses some scripts in AOSP for initialize the hardware. In that case, it should considered more an issue/lack than a feature. However, for what I saw, dd-zeroing the begin of the AOSP partition the only software that stops to work is AlienDallvik and related services but if it is not installed at all, nothing bad happens. I cannot be sure 100% about this because Android have many partitions not just one (a little less than 90, anyway).

If SFOS would have been accompanied by a functional recovery image to boot with, you could have make that test easily. Instead, you are just telling me that

Which is the huge difference of perspective between us. I have such recovery image working pretty well - because I did it - and you have not because… guess it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

spoiler: because you reacted to the cry of a random guys in the crowd! :rofl:

But you wont be able to get around the blobs in any case. The sony “firmware” just sits neatly on top and “accomodates” AOSP.
The changes required to get rid of AOSP / replace it would be extensive and, particularly, expensive…
ok, you might gain something in maintenance (as the blobs might not change that often), and flexibility…

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Yes, it is possible. Definitely.

The only sub-system that makes me scratching my head was the wifi. I can load the firmware, switch-on the device, put it in the ready state but I did not managed to find the way to convince it or the kernel to present the network device interface.

It is not a big issue for me because I can use a SSH tunnel to convey Internet to the USB attached device. However, it would be nice to check at random time the stats without the need of connecting the smartphone to the USB but via WiFi.

However, my diving into the system gave me enough information to prepare this

and that’s enough for me. Proceeding further, it would be like working for free.

I am too old to considering work for free a kind of fun. I did enough hacking since 12yo. :wink:

Because it uses obsolete software components. Binary compatibility with Fedora 31 or CentOS - for both of which the support is ceased - is a good measure of how old SFOS is. The same story about ASOP which currently is aligned with Android 13 but SFOS uses 10 because AlienDavik Android Support cannot support newer ones. Despite this AlienDalvik works pretty well considered its technology and most of the problems I saw are because it is running on SFOS.

Possibly because there anyone here in this forum that shows any kind of capability for doing that. Also the most brave and productive member @piggz made a port of the kernel to PineTab which has nothing to do with the system but just the kernel.

Is it important to update the system? Without security there is no privacy. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

A new Linux security vulnerability dubbed Looney Tunables has been discovered in the GNU C library’s dynamic loader that, if successfully exploited, could lead to a local privilege escalation and allow a threat actor to gain root privileges.Oct 4, 2023 - Source

Is privacy and security important? Why the hell an user would use SFOS instead of an Android smartphone, otherwise? :wink:

BUT is more important developing applications… right? Which are based on a broken-by-design framework and tailored for an obsolete system. How this weird behavior is named?

Streetlight effect

A policeman sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight and asks what the drunk has lost. He says he lost his keys and they both look under the streetlight together. After a few minutes the policeman asks if he is sure he lost them here, and the drunk replies, no, and that he lost them in the park. The policeman asks why he is searching here, and the drunk replies, “this is where the light is”.

Crowd psychology

Sometimes, I wonder why is so easy to trick a group of people much more than a single one.

Crowd psychology (also mob psychology ) is a branch of social psychology that deals with the ways in which the psychology of a crowd is different from the psychology of the individual persons who are in the crowd. The field of crowd psychology enquires into the behaviors and thought processes of both the individual members of the crowd and the crowd as a collective social entity. The behavior of a crowd is much influenced by deindividuation, a person’s loss of responsibility, and the person’s impression of the universality of behavior, both of which conditions increase in magnitude with size of the crowd

After all, the most famous example of the crowd psychology applied was the decision to crucifix Jesus instead of Barabba because the Jesus followers were shy and frightened while the Barabba’s thieves cried loud his name and the fool crowd align with their voices.

When someone ask you if democracy or consensus driven decision works well, reply that one or another have killed Jesus and set free Barabba. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You don’t know what you are talking about.
AppSupport/Alien Dalvik has nothing to do with the AOSP components in SFOS.
AOSP is used even if you do not install AppSupport at all.


Please provide proof for what you are saying.


Because it’s advertising free, it’s beautiful (especially for tech affine people), one can modify it for personal flavour, it’s a very nice experimental kit for interested people, last but not least this nice community.