Problem USB plug

Hello, I have a Jolla C with the latest software. Since a few days I have a problem with USB plug and my battery is also decreasing considerably.
About the USB plug: Charging works temporarily, but data transfer does not work at all. I have also tested different cables.
Now I want to backup my Whattsapp data. But the backup only works on the phone, which I can’t access anymore. Help! I need a simple solution, because I am not a power user.
Many thanks Florian

Does that mean your phone does not boot and you cannot use it anymore?
What is the setting for the USB in Settings-USB?

WhatsApp on a JollaC needed some tweaking so you should be capable :wink:

Insert a SD card!
If the phone starts do the copy/backup in terminal.
If not use the recovery mode:


Hi Peter, you don’t happen to come from Germany, too?
I can only load very slowly on the USB port and the data transfer is not working at all. The SD card does not help me with Whattsapp, because the backup is not stored there, but somewhere on the phone.
Is there an app as file manager? And where do I find the backup of Whattsapp?
Thanks Florian

I do :slight_smile: just take a look at my profile.

very slowly or not working at all? Both together does not make sense.

So the phone boots?
And you can access it normally?

Yes it is located under see below.
And you should just copy the content of that folder to the SD card, done.
SD card best formatted to EXT not FAT (but for WA files should not matter)

Jolla store - FileBrowser

I would recommend using cli command (as user not root)

cp -ar /home/nemo/android_storage/WhatsApp path-to-sd-card-folder

Hi Peter, dann können wir das auch Deutsch machen. Oder gehört sich das hier nicht?
Also mein Jolla C zickt seit einigen Wochen rum. Am Ladegerät lädt es oftmals extrem langsam. Kein Ahnung was das soll. Wenn ich es an einen PC anschließe, dann erscheint zwar die Frage, ob ich Laden will oder MTP. Tippe ich MTP passiert aber nix. Im Explorer taucht es einfach nicht auf wie sonst immer. Unlogisch!
Habe ich an verschiedenen Geräten getestet.
Nun möchte ich mich von meinem Jolla trennen und wieder zum Google wechseln und gerne meinen kompletten Verlauf von Whattsapp mitnehmen.
Ich habe den File browser und auch unter /home/nemo/android_storage/WhatsApp folgendes gefunden: backups, databases und media. Alles drei habe ich kopiert und auf die SD-Karte verschoben. Von der kann ich es dann ja auf das neue Phone spülen.
Mir ist aber aufgefallen, dass die Dateien relativ klein sind und somit können es keine Bilder/Videos sein. Die hätte ich aber auch gerne passend zu den Chats. Hast Du da eine Idee?

As this is an English language forum we should keep it in English. So everybody can follow

PM of course possible in German.

I would clean the USB port with Q-tip.
Personal ly I would pull off battery and even try to clean with some clean medicine/industrial alcohol.

But I am afraid it may just be worn?
Did you move the plug a bit while charging/transfering? Does this help?

Above names are only the directories. You need all the underlying files as well.

I.think it will be related to the jack
had.issues with small paper pieces in my audio jack twice :slight_smile:
usb was broken once, movin the connector did help

while i do not use whatsapp… hostory backup ?

should not be all on facebooks servers ?

even telegram can do that

This is not due to the USB port. On the phone the question appears whether it should connect with MTF or just load. So this works.
I copied the Whattsapp folders Media, Databases and Backups to the new phone via the SD card, but it doesn’t work.
Now I had installed the app first and copied the data over. Do I have to uninstall Whattsapp on the new phone, copy the data again and then install the app?

One example link:

And yes, deinstall before continuing. And copy over the backup again before installing/starting.

And just got aware of this internal one: