Privacy for Android layer on SFOS

SFOS positions itself as a privacy-aligned OS.
Yet the Android layer (which is fully in hands of Jolla team now) has less privacy knobs (actually, none) than any rooted Android phone.

Android layer on SFOS should provide the ability to:

  1. Switch (deny) internet access per-app
  2. Deny app autostart when the android layer is activated.
  3. Spoof contact list globally and per-app (decouple it from SFOS contacts, just like it was in alien dalvik)
  4. Spoof/randomize device identifiers (imei, imsi, etc)

It doesn’t have to be fully implemented in GUI right now, but at least the layer should have cli settings/configs/hooks that privacy-aware users/community could use.


all very good suggestions.

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I fully support that request. The named features were promised ages ago, but are only partly implemented, wether device specific, or OS specific and not universal…

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