Please! How to get a SFOS tablet

I am very sorry to disturb everyone.

I was a student from China, and when I was in high school, this was the first time I learned about sailfish os, and I loved it.

When I first saw it, oh my god, why is this nice, so concise os.So I fell deeply in love with it. Then my Android phone broke down and I had the first jolla phone of my own.

Although this year is 2021,but I still use saifish os, on my MI PAD2(6-7 device the last before),but the SFOS on MI PAD2 is not official and there are lots of bug, for example no sound, no Bluetooth, display split.

Although it was so bad, I still didn’t abandon it and used it.

What worries me is that my tablet may not last long, so I want to ask how in 2021 to get a sailfish tablet?

My English is poor, please forgive me if offended


There is only one Планшет INOI Tab8, код 4660042753652 but i doubt you can easily buy one. And i don’t thing that are any community ported devices. Or at least actively maintained.

This might help too:

But it seems there are a few critical features to sort out.
No idea what is keeping sound from working.
Getting the browser working seems to have a fix, although i’m not sure it is released yet.

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wow,Does that mean that I need multinational express delivery. Fortunately I found aigo tablet with SFOS, on Google and I found the same device on our country used trading platform but from Android. So, now I am wondering how to install the SFOS to the aigo tablet.

Thank you. It is in the same case as my MI PAD2, with no sound. Fortunately, I found aigo x86, on some used trading platform in our country but it was Android. And I found the video about it on Google, I think it should be the official device, but I don’t know how to wipe out Android and install SFOS

Well, the Sony Xperia 10 Plus, Sony Xperia XA2 Plus and Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra are “Phablets” (half a phone, half a tablet) and all three fully supported by Jolla.
That means, if you buy a license for them from Jolla (via a VPN endpoint in the EU), you can use the Android Runtime Environment (“AlienDalivik”), Microsoft Exchange Support (“EAS”) and Jollas XT9 software.
Alternatively you can install “Sailfish OS free” on aforementioned devices, use Presage as XT9 software and update Sailfish OS per sfos-upgrade (as far as I understand, updating at the GUI is disabled for “Sailfish OS free”).


I think its the alsa configs, i’ll take a look next week
Adam sent me browser RPMs - i will try to load them :slight_smile:

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You are from China. Jolla Tablet was built on the base of an Aigo Tablet. Which later was sold buy jolladevices the webshop of an italian. With preinstalled SFOS. I think the tablets are not sold anymore. But in China an Aigo Tablet should be easily organizable. But by the hardware its not really interesting it has the Specs of the Jolla Tablet so 2015. So Inoi Tab with Aurora OS is your best option :slight_smile: Pinetab wanted to bring a SFOS Tablet too, but since Corona you haven’t heard anything anmore

thank u for your suggestion

and the bluetooth can not work :sob:

i have got a aigo x86 frome a second hand market
,thank u

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bluetooth works for me on my asus transformer mini, what device do you have?

I have a pinetab with keyboard cover. Don’t use it. 120 euro, sending not included. Anyone interested?

Sorry, due to my poor English, I seem to have missed this reply when I read the message.When I browsed again today, I found your reply.
My device is xiaomi pad2 that is from China, And the ROM for my device is from this link: SailfishOS on Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 (latte) | XDA Forums.
Now, my tablet version is the latest version, which is But there are many problems with this version, such as Bluetooth and sound not working properly.And sometimes I can’t turn the screen on properly.Of course, in addition to these problems, there are some other problems, such as I can not type Chinese.But it doesn’t bother me, I still use it.
When installing the ROM, I first flash twrp into my tablet, and then flash the unofficial ROM into tablet by twrp. I don’t know how you installed the os on your tablet.And my tablet supports the installation of win10, so I want to know if there is any other way to install sfos on my tablet, so that the voice, Bluetooth can work properly.
Looking forward to your reply.